My first visitor in Copenhagen.

Right before my departure to Copenhagen my boyfriend David surprised me by telling me that he’d already booked a flight to Copenhagen so he could visit me at the beginning of September. So I already had my first visitor from home and therefore, we had a bit of sightseeing to do. Hence a very image-heavy post ;)

Most of the days were very April-like with many changes in the weather (from beautiful sunshine to cold, windy & rainy and back to sunshine again!). However, we managed to see many sights and made some (quirky) pictures. I also asked a friend of mine if she could recommend a few nice places where we could go and have dinner/lunch/whatever. So thanks Linda for recommending so many nice places!! :)

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We walked around in Christianshavn, paid a visit to Christiania, walked around in Indre by (Copenhagen Center) saw the little mermaid, and had dinner in Nyhavn. I’ve never had Smørrebrød before and was therefore very excited to try one! It was probably not the cheapest place (10 euros for a 0.4l beer!!). Although it looked very small (just one tiny slice of brad) it was so delicious!!

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The next day we decided to stay in and make delicious porridge for breakfast/lunch. It was very rainy so what else should we have done?! :D I also had a brief phone call with my Mum as it was her birthday. However, I think she didn’t realise that I don’t have to pay for calling her so she cut me off quite quickly :D Or she was just busy :D Later in the afternoon the sun came out again so David and I went straight to a food market in the meatpacking district. However, it started raining again so we went to a Café instead :)

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My friend gave us the recommendation to go to a very good burger place in town (Cocks and Cows) but the only free tables would have been in the garden. Due to the rainy day and we’ve been walking around for quite a while, we didn’t want to do this and went to another (student friendly) place that she recommended. It was right in the city centre opposite the University of Copenhagen. There we had very cheap and delicious dinner (Burger + Vegetarian Lasagna = YUM!). Afterwards, we went straight home as I was freezing and instead of doing something exciting, we stayed in bed and watched a couple of Friends episodes and we even played Achtung die Kurve (Curve Fever)! I won. Every single time.

On Sunday we had home-made Pizza for lunch and spent the rest of the day with sightseeing because it was very sunny and we wanted to get out of the apartment and enjoy a casual stroll through the city. We also decided to go up the Rundetaarn, which is a round tower in the city centre. We had such a great view on top of the tower, but it was so windy that it was hard to take a normal picture without having all of my hair or my scarf in my face :D

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After the tower we walked around for a bit and stayed a while in Kongens Have, a beautiful garden with the Rosenborg Slot (Rosenborg Castle). The castle was built in 1606 by Christian IV. so he could have a country summerhouse. Afterwards, we had tea and hot chocolate in a Laundromat Café, where you can have drinks & eat food while doing your laundry at the same time :D

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All in all we had a few great days together and I’m glad that David liked the city so he’ll come again (although he’s pretty much seen everything… :D )

another shameless selfie.
The last shameless selfie.

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