Trip to another country: Malmö, Sweden.

Sweden is one of my most favourite countries that I’ve been to so it is no surprise that I took the first chance to hop on a bus and cross the strait between Denmark and Sweden. Wait. Cross the sea on a bus? Yes indeed, that’s possible. Back in 2000 the famous Øresundbron (Øresund Bridge) was opened and since then it is possible to cross the Øresund not only on a ferry boat but also by train or car/bus. Due to the fact that it is not the most stressful time at university at the moment, Carina and I decided to give it a go and spend one day in Malmö. People recommended to take the bus as this would be the only way to have a nice view from the bridge and it was possibly the cheapest option as well (13.50 Euros for both ways).

Malmö is with 3180,000 inhabitants the third biggest city in Sweden, right after Stockholm and Gothenborg. It is located in the south of Sweden and is the capital of the County Skåne. Malmö is one of the most inventive (based on number of patent applications) in the world and it is also very “Green” and bicycle firendly.

Early in the morning we got up and went to the train station, where we got our free cup of coffee at McDonalds (everyday between 7 & 10 AM in September!! Too bad our university is nowhere near a McDonalds :D ). And we also treated ourselves to some danish pastries from Lagkagehuset. It took us approximately one hour from Københavns Hovedbanegård (main train station in Copenhagen) to reach the Gustav Adolfs Torg (a big place in Malmö). One of our fellow students had already warned us that there’s not much to see in Malmö and the castle was not the most interesting one, we decided to just stroll around the city and go wherever it would take us :D

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Our main target was of course the Turning Torso, a skyscraper and apparently the tallest one in the Nordic countries with a height of 190 metres.


Although the weather looked a bit grim at first, the sun came out and we almost spent two hours sitting at the Sundspromenaden, a deck made out of wood with a beautiful view. We could even see the Øresundbridge and Copenhagen from there! (No pictures with shining sun available though. haha)

the bridge

The most impressive thing that we encountered was a man or woman (we’re not sure) swimming laps in the sea for almost an hour :)

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The rest of the day we spent with eating Froyo and shopping at H&M and Cubus. Clothes and shoes are so much cheaper in Sweden compared to Denmark :( I guess it would be worth it to come back just for shopping :D

Selfie in front of the Øresund Bridge

All in all I can say that although there aren’t many tourist attractions in Malmö and the city is not the biggest one, Malmö is very beautiful, with many small cafés and nice spots to sit in. The promenade is a very beautiful place to sit for a while and think about life :) I’d definitely recommend anyone to go there and enjoy a day in beautiful Sweden! :)

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