Baking traditional Austrian food.

Every study programme at CBS has its own Social Committee which is in charge of organising a few get-togethers during the semester. The first event that our committee planned was an international dinner which took place last Thursday. Everyone was encouraged to prepare a traditional dish from his or her home country. Naturally, Carina and I decided to bring Apple Strudel. First, it is very easy to make and second, meat for Schnitzel would be just too expensive. Besides, as a Vegetarian I am always eager to bring non-meat food, especially if it’s a sweet dish :)

It was not hard to get flaky pastry and the rest of the ingredients in a normal supermarket, so we didn’t even have to go to a special supermarket. I don’t want to brag, but the strudel turned out to be so delicious! And we were even able to restrain ourselves from eating a lot at home before the dinner had actually started.

The event took place in one of the social rooms in a Copenhagen student dorms – in Tietgenkollegiet. If you google “student dorm copenhagen”, this is the first that pops up on the image search as it is very famous and V E R Y beautiful. Sarah – a girl from my programme – is currently living there and she showed us her “small” room – around 28 squaremetres, with a huge balcony and a big bathroom just for herself. And you should have seen the kitchen – it is so amazing and a dream for every student.

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But back to the food, which is of course more important! So many people brought meatballs or potatoes, but I guess that’s just typical for a lot of the countries in Europe. There were also a lot of desserts but I’m gonna let the pictures speak for themselves.

Pasta salad, sausages, potato salad and salmon rolls
Polish meatballs
German Schnitzels
Danish meatballs
A cake from Denmark (at least I think so)
Ciocolattini from Italy
Peanut butter cookies from the USA (made by Sarah)
Norwegian waffles with jam and brown cheese
And of course – APPLE STRUDEL from Austria


In the right corner on the picture to the left you can see the brown cheese on the waffles, which was definitely the most interesting and also most delicious food of the whole evening! It is a very sweet goat cheese and it is so creamy and tasty and I want to have more of it!! I’ve already got my private source who is going to get me some before Christmas.

Due to the fact that almost every traditional dish in every country has meat in it, there was only potato salad, potatoes and cream potatoes (or something like this) as a main dish for me. However, there were so many sweet dishes there that I was so full afterwards and I couldn’t have been happier.

I also bought a bike a few weeks ago and had to have it repaired already – I had a flat tire because of a big hole in it…


One day I even came across this muesli from Austria. It made my day! Unfortunately, way too expensive :D I bet it would be affordable at home.


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