Taking a step back over the holidays…

Have you ever had the feeling that everything’s just too much and you need to stop and think for a moment and figure out a way to reconnect with yourself and your environment? Over the past few weeks I was rather absent. It’s been over one month since my last blogpost. Of course I stayed online and even posted the occasional picture on instagram. However, I made the conscious decision to take a break from blogging and being online ’24/7′. With everything that’s been going on around me – be it exam wise or in my personal life – there has been so much that I had to deal with and therefore, I decided to take a break from… (almost) everything. Spending time at home with my family and my closest friends was great.

Going places
Karlsplatz is my personal favourite when it comes to touristy places in Vienna. Generally I’m not the biggest fans of churches, but I have a thing for the beautiful Karlskirche. During summer it’s just great to sit out front by the fountain and enjoy the occasional concert or festival that is held at Karlsplatz. During winter there’s a big Christmas market which I absolutely love. So I couldn’t miss it this year and even though it was cold and rainy on that day, my boyfriend and I had to have a cup of fancy Schilcher Glühwein.

Karlskirche in the heart of Vienna


Short hair – don’t careShort_hair1!
I went to the hairdresser and let the lady cut my hair to a length that I haven’t had since before Kindergarden :O However, the change wasn’t that drastic as the length before was a bit longer than shoulder-length. The only thing that I still want to change is the colour but I am still looking for the perfect hairdresser plus I want to wait until after my sister’s wedding :D (or even longer – depends on how fast I can make the decision on which colour to get and if I really want to part from my signature colour…)

Trying new things
I also went to a photography museum to see “Augen Auf! 100 Jahre Leica Fotografie” – an exhibition about the history of Leica. Great & interesting exhibition, great pictures and great cameras. Unfortunately, not in my price range ;) And on a special date night, my boyfriend and I saw a play that was very unusual and different. SPAM, written by the Argentinian Rafael Spregelburd, is a two-man show that revolves around a guy that suffers from amnesia and he tries to reconstruct what happened to him in the past 31 days. The play consists of 31 scenes and their order is randomly selected by fortune cookies. It was very confusing at some points during the play but the involvement of the Internet, technology and the audience was really unusual and funny. At the end of the play I even had to discuss with my boyfriend just to make sure that I got the whole story right ;)


On another day, the boy took me to a ‘fancy’ restaurant, as we really wanted to try a new place. So Mercado was the place to go to. The restaurant serves latin inspired food, the interior is just great, the staff is friendly, the place is huge. However, it wasn’t the cheapest one and both me and my boyfriend preferred the dish that the other one had ;) But we were really glad that we tried it out and after exchanging dishes we were also happy with our food. Strangely enough, we both liked the side dish the best :D



Coffee | Friends | Family
Drinking numerous cups of coffee was kind of the motto of my holidays. I even went to a coffee festival with a friend of mine. However, so-called coffee experts can become really snobbish when you tell them that you prefer your coffee with a splash of milk. Apparently, that’s not the way you’re supposed to drink coffee and the only true way to drink it is if it’s an espresso (insert eye-roll here). I get that you can only taste the difference between types of beans, grinders, roasts, machines and whatever else when you drink the coffee black, but that’s just not how I like my coffee :( So my experience was not the best at the festival, I still drank a lot of coffee (and even one with milk! Anarchy!) and the venue was great as well. I was also taught that filter coffee has a higher amount of caffeine than an espresso. Good that I have a filter machine in CPH with me ;)

Also very important over the holidays was meeting friends. I spent a lot of time drinking coffee and eating delicious treats. It was good to reconnect with them and hear their most recent stories from their lives. Most importantly however was the time that I was able to spend with my family. As my sister is getting married and I am her maid of honour we spent a lot of our time together speaking about the plans and I also got to see her beautiful dress!

I also got to meet the newest member of our family, a little tomcat. Well, he was already born in summer but I haven’t seen him before so he’s not that little anymore but still between being a kitten and a grown-up. He hasn’t got a name yet, but somehow most of the cats that we’ve ever had hardly ever received a proper name (they never listen to it anyways). But he’s also cute without a name, and eventually, he’ll get one (or not). By the way, he’s not camera shy at all, he’s a real poser and loves all the attention he can get.

This girl says hi to everyone.

It’s been a week since I got back to Copenhagen and I already had an exam, had lunch with a friend, coffee with another, and went out for a drink with others. It was great to catch up with them, and it’s time for me to be my usual self again – so I’m back! :)

So whenever you just have the feeling that something’s off and you need to take a step back – just do it! Take a break.


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