Food and Wine – always fine.

What do you do when the weather’s only suboptimal and you haven’t got much to do for university? You go out and try a new place for lunch. Or go to a wine tasting. Why not?! ;)

So at the beginning of the week my friends & I went to a place for lunch that we’ve never been to – Grød. This place specialises in porridge, but has other dishes on its menu as well. There are three Grøds in Copenhagen and one of them is at the Torvehallerne, which is more like a market hall with over 60 stands where you can get a lot of different things – from food to body soap to plants and flowers. It is a great hall to walk around and see all the delicious things that are offered. They even let you try a few of the things for free ;) And it’s right next to Nørreport Station, so very easy to get to.

As it was already around 1pm we all decided to go for a more lunch-like option so Sarah & I had Daal (linsen lentil porridge) and Carina went for a more Risotto-like dish. Our Daal was really good, although I have to admit that I’ve had better ones before. I think the main reason for this was that they put coriander in there and that’s not my favourite spice ;)


What I really really liked were the salted almonds – delicious! :) Carina didn’t like her dish but it had chicken in it so I couldn’t taste it myself – so no comment from my side :D I definitely want to come back and try one of the porridges.

Version 2

I spent the rest of the week preparing for university, going on the occasional walk and cooking. Yes, I had a bit more time for cooking and eating healthier again ;) During the past few weeks I haven’t been my usual self and haven’t eaten properly (maybe also due to my laziness and not wanting to go grocery shopping…). So I got back on the healthier side! yay! I even cooked with bulgur for the first time in my life and ate A LOT of fruits :D

Wine tasting
mentioned before that CBS has a Wine Society and I already took part in one of their tastings (Wine Tasting 101). They hosted another event this week and Sarah, Carina, Cecilia and I got tickets for it. The event was held at a wine store in the city centre, at Vinoble St.Petri. Very pretty.


We got to try 8 different wines from ‘all around the globe’ (actually 8 different types of grapes from Germany, Italy, France, New Zealand and other places). So 1 champagne, 3 white wines and 4 red wines.

Personally, I almost every time prefer a red wine over a white. This time my favourite was also a red one, organic (first organic one that I’ve ever tried), coming from Germany (more precisely the Pfalz region).


the best!

The tasting was interesting, we heard (too many) interesting things about wine, how it’s made and other stuff. Fun fact of the evening: there’s an app which tells you if today is a good day for drinking wine. The day of the wine tasting was apparently one of the best days in the month for drinking wine. yay. ;) So to sum it up – we had a lot of fun, it was a great evening with the girls :)


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