Catching up: February edition.

Long time no see! I’m finally back on the track again with blogging on a more regular basis. I’ve missed doing it but I also couldn’t bring myself to sit down and commit myself. There was not much to blog about; and writing only half-heartedly about stuff that I am not sure that I want to share is just not my thing. Instead, I took a short break and am now sharing the most interesting bits and bobs of the past few weeks :)

As mentioned here, eating healthy (or at least healthier) has been on my to-do-list during the past few weeks. I tend to eat very unhealthy when it comes to exam time or other stressful times. I tried a couple of new recipes; broccoli & bulgur have become my go-to ingredients lately. Also, I treated myself to some very delicious pancakes that only contain bananas, oats and almond milk. I think that I’ve never mastered any types of pancakes the way I did them! YAY. :)


Veggie-bulgur bowl


Healthy version of pancakes

Although we had a short ‘winterholiday’, we had a lot to do for university. However, we also used the time to get a good, delicious and reasonably-priced breakfast at Paludan Bogcafé.


Vegetarian breakfast

My boyfriend was the sweetest one ever. He sent me a little care package of stuff that I really like and it arrived just at the right time and day. Too bad that the snickers he got me should have been sent back to the producer due to an international recall (55 countries). Apparently, someone found a plastic cap in a snickers bar which was in the same production as mine, but we were told way too late and half of the snickers were gone by that time. haha. I’m still alive though.


A little something from the boy.

You can’t always live a healthy life and pizza is just one of the most delicious dishes ever. So Carina and I spontaneously decided to go out for Pizza to this Italian place ‘La Perla‘ in the city centre of Copenhagen. Very cosy, very small, very Italian servers. But come on – serving coca cola in the plastic bottle? Not classy at all. But anyways, I would definitely go there again – delicious pizza plus they served bread beforehand.


Various circumstances led me to a short trip to Austria. So goodbye Denmark…

… and hello Austria!
The flight was way too early in the morning, but I got to see the sunrise (too bad that I chose to sit on the wrong side of the plane…). Also, I got to eat at my favourite (vegan) burger place in Vienna – Swing Kitchen!! – before taking a train to my family.

Swing Kitchen

Best burger place in town!

My mom and me got to spend a lot of time together (just the two of us) and it was good to finally be able to catch up and enjoy a cup of coffee & cake. We haven’t been able to do this in forever!


After just a few days it was time to say goodbye Austria…


hello DK.

… and hello Denmark.
Back to ‘normal’, back to university, back to my exam. yay. :D However, I managed to finish in time (even though I had spent a few days at home where I had hardly done anything for uni). One of the first things I did back in town was getting tea and a Danish pastry with Carina! Nothing’s better on a rainy day.


Tea and Danish pastry

We also used our spare time with going to H&M and have breakfast for free. ;)

Niklas – one of our friends from our programme – had his birthday party on Friday. It was so much fun and so good being able to catch up with everyone after being absent from class/uni.


This was a small update on what I’ve been up to lately (actually, not that small after reading through it again :D).

Have a listen to my go-to song of the month :) very relaxing and nice to listen to!

Also, it’s that time of the year where flowers will be blooming soon! YAY to spring and to more sun! :) Are you all looking forward to spring as well?

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