Sunshine in beautiful Copenhagen.

The weather has been so nice in Copenhagen lately, I was really astonished. I could even use my sunglasses (once)!! Too bad that I had to spend quite some time at university, especially when the sun was out. Nevertheless, I still tried to enjoy every sunray of each sunny day ;) It’s wonderful how such a tiny thing like sunshine can brighten up the mood and bring joy to life.


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The other day when I had no uni and nothing planned for the day (except doing stuff for uni – which I of course did not do after all) the sun came out in the afternoon. I was torn between cooking, drinking coffee or going for a walk. However, especially when living in such a beautiful neighbourhood like I do, sitting inside all day long would have been such a waste, so I opted for the walk :) So nothing could stop me from talking a walk for an hour in the beautiful, sunny Copenhagen.

me in ma hood.



I was walking along Stadsgraven, a canal that seperates Christianshavn from Amager. There are several causeways and footbridges across this canal, so it is a goo place for talking a stroll. I’ve been loving this area lately, as it is so nice and quiet, separated from all the buzz that is going on around Christianshavn (especially near the metro station -.- ). You can see that other people and the wildlife (well, mainly birds at the moment) are also enjoying this part of town. :)



A sign of spring!


Also, on the other side you can see the Sjømannskirken Kong Haakons Kirke, a Norwegian church.







The sun brings out the true beauty of Copenhagen. It’s such a nice and beautiful city. I really like the canals, the boats and the architecture. All the colourful houses along the canals are just great to look at. I’m having my fingers crossed that there will be a lot of sun in the next few months!

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  • You’re right, the changes the whole mood! It’s been very grey here, so I admire the blue sky from your photos :) Your neighbourhood looks really nice indeed, I’d love to go for a walk there too!

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