Budapest Adventure: city edition.

My first post about my adventure in Budapest was dedicated to food alone (as it was one of the most important parts of the trip). This post, however, is all about the city itself and its beautiful spots.

I could write an essay about what we saw, what we did, where we ate (well, you kind of know this already if you’ve seen the post about the food) but instead, I am gonna let the pictures speak for themselves. Mostly ;)

So enjoy my ‘short’ list of what to see and what to do in Budapest!


Free Walking Tour

As I do in most of my city trips we took part in a Free Walking Tour. We almost did not make it as we got up way too late and did not want to miss out on brunch. Also, the sun decided to hide behind the clouds during the walk. Still, it was a very nice walk, we saw all the touristy spots and got to hear interesting stories about it.

St.Stephen’s Basilica

The Szent István-bazilika (St.Stephen’s Basilica) is one of the largest churches in Hungary and apparently home to its name giver’s right hand :O :D

Szent István-bazilika

River Danube and the Széchenyi Chain Bridge

The Danube is Europe’s second longest river, and the longest one in the EU region. It passes through (or is the boarder of) 9 countries. Hungary is one of them, and it splits its capital Budapest into Buda and Pest. The Széchenyi Chain Bridge is the oldest and most famous of the nine bridges across the river in Budapest.

Széchenyi  Chain Bridge

Lion guarding the bridge




Castle Hill with Buda Castle & Fisherman’s Bastion

The castle of Budapest was built in 1265 and is located on the Castle Hill on the Buda side of the city. It is part of the Budapest UNESCO World Heritage Site. On top of the castle hill you have great view over the city, the danube and the bridges. Just great!

Budapest_from above



Budapest_from above_Parliament
Budapest’s Parliament




Fisherman’s bastion with many tourists ;)





Mazel Tov & Szimpla Kert

I’ve already talked about Mazel Tov in this post, but it was just so nice there that I had to mention it again ;) After having spent hours at Mazel Tov, where we stuffed ourselves with delicious hummus, pita bread and red wine, we decided to go to one of Budapest’s famous ruin pubs – Szimpla Kert. Yes, definitely very touristy (you can even buy merchandise and people only came to just take pictures of the bar) and over-the-top (quite strange interior & a videowall where they played catvideos from youtube) but also fun. We were lucky and immediately found a place to sit – in an up-cycled bathtub. It was quite packed, but the place was huge! We only stayed for an hour but it was quite fun.

Mazel Tov_interior
Mazel Tov

Jewish quarter with Gozsdu Courtyard and Synagoges

The Jewish quarters in Budapest seemed to be ‘the place to be’, also many ruin pubs seem to be located there. The Gozsdu Courtyard is packed with restaurants, pubs and bars. On Sundays, there is a popular open-air market there, where you can find real treasures! I bought a beautiful tote bag from this shop there, so I even have a little souvenir from Budapest now :)




Goszdu Courtyard

Walking along the Danube

The Danube is such an important river for Hungary (and Austria!) you could even write poems about it ;) Growing up ‘next to it’ made me feel especially connected to it and it has a special place in my heart (cheesy, I know!). It was nice to take a walk right next to it, see all the beautiful architecture and also have a quiet moment at the memorial next to the river bank.


Shoes on the Danube bank


In front of the Parliament

Great Market Hall

We’ve been told that the Great Market Hall is a total rip-off for tourists, but we wanted to have a look at it nonetheless. I just like looking at all the stands and accessories and see what typical food they offer. Most of it was sausages though. :D

Great Market Hall




Other Bridges across the Danube

The Great Market Hall is right next to the Danube, so another walk along the river was just perfect, as the sun was shining on our last full day in the city. On our walk we came across a few other bridges and beautiful spots in the city that everyone should check out.

Liberty Bridge
on the left – Gellert Hill with the Liberty Statue



Elisabeth bridge
Spring is in the air!

It was not my first trip to Budapest, but the first one where I paid full attention to the architecture and loveliness of the city. It was the perfect get-away.

My recommendation:

Walking along the Danube and climbing either Gellert Hill or Castle Hill is a must! From there, one can truly enjoy the beauty of the city.


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