Things I found out recently.

Have you ever thought to yourself: huh. This is new – I somehow like this now and I used to hate it. Or even just stuff that you have thought about before but just gotten around to the fact that this is what makes you who you are. So here are my top five things that I ‘became aware of’ in the past few months :)

Number 1: I am a nightowl.

Through and Through. I work best during the night. I am most productive during the night. I feel good during the night. I have always (kind of) known this. I used to stay up very late when I was younger so I could still finish this chapter of a book and the next chapter and the next chapter and the next. Then during high school I always studied late at night. I have never been one of those students who got up early in the morning to study right before school. And of course later at university it was a given to stay up til way after midnight ;) I had to write quite a few papers for uni in the past few months and that’s where it finally stuck. I don’t even have to try and start early in the morning. I’ll end up wasting my time anyways as I just don’t function well at certain times during day. With function I don’t mean that I can’t do anything. I just can’t focus on study-related things. The night is when I get my best work done. Or let’s say it like that: that’s where I get most of my work done :D


Number 2: It is possible to turn from ‘hating’ something to ‘loving’ something.

Well, I never really hated coconut but I always went for the non-coconut flavour when I had the choice. And I am not actually at the loving point yet either, but I am getting to it :D I love the subtle taste of it on chocolate cake, I love it in my muesli. Before, I would have always opted out of it and would have disliked the subtlety of it. But now I feel like it makes the dish even better!


My favourite Danish supermarket :)

Number 3: Chocolate from one of the finest chocolatiers still does not taste good if there’s liquorish in it.

Yes, I still haven’t gotten around to liking liquorish and I probably never will. There’s the liquorish border that divides countries – everyone above the line seems to like the taste and everyone below more or less hates it. So somehow there’s liquorish everywhere in the North. In everything. Yuck. To each his own! But don’t get me wrong – the ones without liquorish in it were delicious :D


Number 4: I like living ‘by myself’.

I really enjoy living on my own without any flatmates. My landlady lives in the same flat, but she’s been travelling a lot and we spent only one month in total together in the flat. So basically – I have the flat all to myself most of the time. This is so convenient – I can do whatever I want whenever I want. As mentioned above – I am a nightowl and wander around during the night. With flatmates I always have to think about them and that I don’t want to disturb them. Also, with flatmates there’s always the risk that they wake you up earlier than you’d like to. :D


Number 5: I now like Gilmore Girls.

I only watched a few episodes when I was younger and I never got the ‘hype’ of the show.  I was annoyed with the mom being the best friend of the daughter and all the superfast talking and the annoying voices they have and so on. Turns out – their German dubbing just sucks. The show is SO much better in English!  Except season 7. It sucks. I’m tempted to stop mid-season. Booh :(



How about you? Any discoveries that you made about anything lately? :)


  • Haha that was a funny post! I’m actually quite the opposite – I need my rest during the night and I’m most productive in the morning :) But I totally agree with having the apartment for oneself, it’s so great not to care about others ;)

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