Last chance for cherry blossoms.

Remember my last blogpost where I mentioned that I spent half of April at home in Austria? The ‘downside’ of this was that I didn’t get the chance to go and see the beautiful cherry blossoms in Copenhagen. However, after returning to Copenhagen I had one last look at the withering blossoms. Still very nice to look at – especially on such a beautiful day of sunshine.




Bispebjerg Kirkegård is a cemetery that is very famous for its cherry tree alley. It seems that every year during the high season of the blooming cheery trees most people of Copenhagen pilgrimage to this cemetery to take a look at the beauty of the blossoms (at least according to several blogs and newspapers and instagram pictures ;) )


Blossoms_up close


It is also not unusual to have a picnic with your friends or family there – in the midst of the graveyard. A somewhat strange concept and definitely not my preferred place to have a picnic. However, I feel that it might be a very good way to teach kids that death is nothing to be afraid of and part of life. So why not?




It was such a lovely day and I am glad that I went on the relatively long journey just to see some cherry trees (:


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