Food Festival Vienna.

This week when I was having lunch at Banh Mi in Vienna, I stumbled across a flyer for a food festival that was about to take place in Vienna. The decision was made immediately: I had to go there ;)


On Saturday my boyfriend, Julia (which you may remember from this blogpost) and I met there at lunchtime. The rush of visitors was okayish, the weather was quite nice as well – perfect day for a food festival that was held in the courtyard of one of the most noblest buildings in Vienna: the Town Hall.


I think I’ve never been inside the town hall before, so this was the perfect opportunity to go and ‘explore’ it from the inside. Technically – just the courtyard and one small hall, but who cares… ;) It was still amazing to look at the picturesque facade and the small ‘park’ inside while enjoying the sun and delicious food!





We also had a quick peek inside before the boy and I met up with my friend :D






Die Burgermacher
First, while waiting for Jules to arrive, the boy and I shared a goat-cheese burger from Die Burgermacher. I’ve heard of them before, but haven’t gotten around yet to go and visit the burger place at their restaurant in the 7th district, Burggasse 12.

Our opinion: very delicious, even though one of the ingredients of the sauce was olives, which I absolutely dislike.


Our next stop was Wrapstars, a food truck that specialises in…. wraps that are #realfood and #nobullshit ! :D Their base is organic couscous, organic black beans and kale. You can decide to have organic beef, organic pork or a veggie option. This is rounded up by different ‘flavours’.

Our opinion: we were very curious how couscous would taste like in a wrap. The combination of kale, couscous, black beans and their signature flavour of ‘Tasty by Nature’ made it a perfect wrap. I can wholeheartedly recommend it!




Market Hall

There was also a market hall in the ‘Volkshalle’ of the town hall, where different market stalls provided visitors with information on various food-related subjects or you could also try a few things such as hip new drinks (e.g. Helga – made from algae) or Verjus (verjuice – a highly acidic juice made by pressing unripe grapes).

One of the things we tried (but also had to pay for of course) was one of the famous Pastel de Nata, a Portuguese egg tart pastry, from Nata Lisboa. It was the first time that I had one of those delicious treats, so I was super excited to try it.



The Adamah BioHof also had a market stall there and we got to try a two organic juices and their concept of the ‘Biokistl’ was explained to us. Every week they deliver a box full of local, fresh, organic vegetables and/or fruits to your door. Very interesting concept and definitely something to think about when living in Vienna.



However, there weren’t only stalls about food in the market hall. You could also see local upcycling design from ‘gabarage‘ – they had some of their “long-ton” designs, where they upcycled garbage cans into furniture. Again, very interesting concept and I’d love to see this furniture again somewhere.



Our resume:
The food we tried was delicious yet a tiny bit expensive. But that’s just a given for food markets. Plus you get to try amazing food at a beautiful venue, so the prices were fine in my opinion.


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