Wedding Bells.

June 11, 2005: my sister started dating her now-husband Mandi.
June 11, 2015: exactly 10 years later they got engaged.
June 11, 2016: another year later, on their 11th anniversary, they finally got married.

It was one of the most discussed topics in our family during the past year :) With me being abroad I couldn’t be as involved in the planning as a maid of honour usually is, but I think my sister did a great job (even without me) :)

The Final Preparations. 

In the past few weeks before the big day I was involved in a lot of the final preparations. Also, as many people do – they go get a mani-pedi. I’ve never gotten one, but my sister ‘insisted’ that we should go and get one. I was a bit worried that getting one only a few days before the wedding wouldn’t be the best idea as I’ve heard a few bad things about getting a pedicure shortly before a big event, nevertheless, we went to a studio that my sister’s been to a couple of times before. The atmosphere was really relaxing. I don’t like to be forced to have smalltalk when getting something done (e.g. hairdresser), but the girls were really nice and not intrusive at all.


However, after a bit over an hour I had mixed feelings about the mani-pedi and I am not sure if I’ll ever get another one. Sure, it’s nice when people fuss around you and want to make you pretty, but not everything felt supergood and I am not really into the esoteric stuff that was involved :D In addition, the nail polish on my toes was ruined within one hour, but the polish on my fingers is still almost perfect – even after almost a whole week! :D


My sister’s wedding was both traditional and non-traditional. She didn’t want to have bridesmaids, just me as a maid of honour. She had both a civil marriage and a church wedding. But she didn’t have a band, only a DJ (who was her brother-in-law). And she also had a candy bar made out of Haribo candies. For this, we decided to go for Origami bags which my bf and I folded.



The Car.

Early in the decision making process they both decided to rent a wedding car. But not just any car – a Tesla :O Coincidentally, I had to write an exam about Tesla a few months ago, which I’ve mentioned in a previous blogpost, so I have a vast knowledge about this car (this might be an exaggeration but I’d say I know more than the average Joe). They rented the car for 4 days and also promised me that I could test it before the wedding. Unfortunately, for insurance reasons my test drive was rather short, but still, it was worth it! :) And I also got to be in the backseat for a couple of hours and also during the wedding, so it was ‘enough’.





The Day before. 

There were traditions involved not only during the wedding itself, but also on the day(s) before. One of them is that neighbours/friends make a beautiful wreath for the bride and sing a special song for her. Porcelain is thrown, which the bride has to clean up without any other help and so on. Food and drinks are given to the people involved and they sit together with the bride until the last person leaves (which sometimes only happens after midnight). This is usually done at the bride’s home, and as my sister has already been living with her bf for a couple of years now, they both got to enjoy this special thing.



Well, the thing was – friends of my mom decided to make a wreath as well, so we also got to ‘enjoy’ this and people stayed til midnight. This meant even less sleep for us/me :( But now we’ve got a beautiful wreath in front of our door :)



The big day.

The big day started way too early – both for my sister and me & my family. For my sister because another tradition is to light firecreackers in the early hours (in this case 4am) and wake the groom so he doesn’t oversleep. But also for us, as some other ‘friends’ of the family decided to give us this pleasure as well. Yup, we got 3 hours of sleep that night. Perfect start in the day. Not. But that’s just how it works when you live in the countryside and you have to deal with it and try to stay awake during the whole day. haha. :D

But all ‘negativity’ aside, the day was wonderful, everything turned out almost perfectly. Even though that the weatherman had predicted rain, there were only a few drops during the day (and no one cared). We stayed within the time plan (which no one had expected before). The food (grill buffet) was a nice surprise for most of the guests. The guests were super excited about the photo corner the photographer had set up in a corner of the restaurant.




I wish my sister and her husband all the best for their future! I’m so happy that I could be part of their ‘big day’ :)


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