Lakes in Austria: Weißensee and Wörthersee

While staying in Carinthia, I not only saw the beautiful city Klagenfurt or beautiful valleys of the region, but I also got to enjoy a few lakes that are so typical for Carinthia. I was able to put my feet into the Wörthersee, take a boat ride on the Weißensee and swim in the Klopeinersee. Here are a few last impressions from my trip to Carinthia. I’m mostly gonna let the photos speak for themselves – so enjoy ;)


On our way to Lienz, we took a detour in order to have a look at Carinthian’s highest situated bathing lake that lies within the Gailtal Alps mountain range – the Weißensee. The name Weißensee (in English: white lake) derives from the banks of chalk along the shoreline which gives the water its white colour.

What I really like about the Weißensee is the fact that it is so protected and that the focus lies on low-impact tourism. Apparently, about two-thirds of the lake’s surface are part of a protected area, there is hardly any ship transport on the lake, and it is not possible to drive around the lake as there is only a path for mountain bikers and hikers.

Fun facts about the lake: In February 2007 the first underwater ice hockey world championship was held at the lake and parts of Bond movie ‘The Living Daylights’ from ’87 were shot at the frozen lake.










With a length of 16.5 km and a width of 1.5 km, the Wörthersee is the largest lake of Carinthia. It stretches from Klagenfurt in the east to Velden in the west, the shores are flanked to the north and south by high mountains. The lake has a very distinctive blue/green colour and can reach 25 °C in the summer, so it’s a very popular destination for tourists.

If you want to have a good view over the lake and its surroundings, you can drive up the 851-metre high mountain Pyramidenkogel and climb the observation platform Pyramidenkogel tower (or just take the elevator if you’re lazy as we were…). The first tower was opened in 1968 – a then-futuristic tourist attraction. Replaced with a new tower that was opened in 2013, the wood and steel platform now functions as a ‘lighthouse for the timber industry’ and is with 100m (including the antenna) the world’s tallest wooden observation tower. Also, Europe’s longest slide (66m) can be found here :D

It just happened to be the World Kiss Day (July 6) when we ‘climbed’ the Pyramidenkogel tower, there were a few signs more or less suggesting to kiss. Very cute ;)

Klagenfurt – East



Pörtschach – in the ‘middle’
Velden – western part of the lake




Keutschacher lake and mountains (Karawanks?)





I really enjoyed the Carinthian lakes. Have you ever been able to do so as well? If so, which is your favourite? :)


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