New chapter: Russia.

Roughly one year ago I started this blog journey with a post about my 2-year-master programme in Copenhagen, Denmark. But Denmark was not enough for me – I had to apply for an exchange semester. Lucky me got accepted at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in Moscow and so I will spend the following winter semester in Russia.

A few things about the place I’ll be staying for the next few months:
The Russian federation was officially formed on August 24 in 1991. With a total area of around 17 million square kilometres it is the largest country in the world in terms of territory. Hence Russia is covering more than one eighth of  the Earth’s inhabited land area. With around 145M people living there the country is currently ranking on the ninth place. If you look at the density there only live 8.4 people per square km – compare this to Singapore with a density of 19,935 people per square km! Crazy! Russia has 11 time zones, the largest number of contiguous time zones of any country in the world. And it has 14 land borders and 2 maritime borders. Moscow is the capital and has 12.2 million inhabitants (16.8M within the urban area). It is the largest city on the European continent, and worldwide it is #18 (urban agglomeration).

These numbers just show you how huge this country is, so there’s also a great potential there (imo).

Why Russia?
Actually – why not? I kind of fell in love with the language & the culture and I find the country very intriguing. Especially after watching countless of Cheburashka episodes during Russian lessons at high school. So with having the option of Russian as my second language at high school and further continuing the language at university during my bachelor studies I am fairly able to communicate with people. Okay, let’s be honest here – I haven’t practiced in 1.5 years, so I suck at the moment but at least I am not at a total loss…

I always knew that I want to practice my language skills in Russia – whether be it on a language course in Russia, an internship or a student exchange. As the latter seemed to be the ‘easiest’ to organise it was the perfect opportunity when I got to know that I had the option of going there on exchange at my university in Denmark.

And why Moscow?
Easy answer – they had a better master programme than the uni in Saint Petersburg. In addition, the city is big – for once in my life I wanted to live in a really big city. Like really big. :D Plus, it has Putin, but that’s another story.

So wish me luck! But don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated ;)


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