Pyramids at Ofelia Plads.

Two weeks ago my studies once again brought me back to wonderful, beautiful Copenhagen. Having a meeting at the university was not the only thing on my to-do-list but I wanted to explore some of Denmark’s cultural side too. It has been way too long since I have done some exploring in Copenhagen, and Denmark has so many great things to offer such as the Louisiana Museum for Modern Arts or the Kulturnatten in autumn. So a cultural visit was long overdue.

Every year during February the Frost Festival takes place in København. It is a series of curated events that tries to “shine a light in the dark month of February” in various locations throughout the city. By doing so the festival connects music, light and alternative spaces, ushering people outside in a time when they’d rather stay inside and enjoy the typical danish feeling of Hygge.

That’s exactly what I did – I forced my friends to go come with me and do some cultural exploring. We picked the perfect day: a very cold and windy Saturday afternoon. Nevertheless, we hit the road and went to see one of the most instagrammed installations of the festival: the Wave at Ofelia Plads. It so happened that on that weekend when I was in KBH a part of the frost festival was prolongued for another week (or at least the installation that we saw).

Frost Festival_the wave_side

Frost Festival_the wave_theatre

The Wave is an installation made out of triangular arches that are 4 metres in height, and equipped with 80 sensors that react to movements of the visitors as well as light. Therefore, the installation’s expressions are not preprogrammed but are co-created with the surrounding and the visitors. The forty arches react sonically and visually so the perception of the installation is different for its entire span, making every single visit tp the exhibition unique.

Another plus of the Wave is that it is located on the Ofelia Docks, at Ofelia Plads. From this place you have a great view over the beginning seafront, the inner harbour bridge, the Opera House, Papirøen and other places. It is very calm and relaxing out there as you hear the gentle sound of waves lapping and seagulls screaming.

So despite the cold, the wind, and the rain we were able to enjoy not only the exhibition but also the great view. I am a sucker for light and music installation, they have always fascinated me, so going there was clearly a must and definitely worth the trip to the seafront.

Frost Festival_the wave_back_zoom2

Frost Festival_the wave_seafront_opera house

Frost Festival_the wave_seafront

Frost Festival_the wave_seafront_ship

Frost Festival_the wave_seafront_block

Frost Festival_the wave_seafront_girl

Frost Festival_the wave_theatre_side

Frost Festival_the wave_theatre_middle

Frost Festival_the wave_back_1

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