Beach time in Copenhagen.

In June I went to Copenhagen for one last time – to end my studies there. The apartment I was staying at was conveniently close to the Amager Strandpark (Amager Beach Park), so it was clear from the beginning that a visit to the beach would be a must. It was not my first time there, I’ve been there two times already – once in winter and once last year when my friends came to visit me.

I’ve always loved going there, and this time was great as well – we were lucky to enjoy a gorgeous sunset, and not that many people were actually walking around. Maybe because it was a Saturday and around 10pm – so most of the people were probably busy going out?! :D

Amager Strandpark in Copenhagen is a public park with a in 2005 artificially constructed island that forms a lagoon and has a broad promenade and a big sandy beach with dunes that make the scenery perfect. One can enjoy the great view to the windmill park as well as the Øresundsbroen that connects Denmark with Sweden. As the Øresund sea is shallow, the temperature rises fast sometimes and bathing this far up north is apparently enjoyable (I’ve never tried it myself though). Popular for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxation, the beach and the promenade are a place for all kinds of sports and activities. People come here for running, skating, biking, playing various ball games, or do other water sports. And it is very easy to reach via the metro as the Øresund St. is very close to the beach.

Amager Strandpark-5

Amager Strandpark

Amager Strandpark-8

Amager Strandpark-10

Amager Strandpark-11

Amager Strandpark-13

Amager Strandpark-19

Amager Strandpark-20

I like the sea. I don’t need it so I can go swimming in it. I don’t need a sand beach so I can lie there and bathe in the sun. The sea winds me down on a day when there is too much going on in my head. Walking on the beach or just standing there staring into the distance, into the nothingness is perfect then. It gives me a calming, relaxing feeling that I am looking for but is sometimes so hard to achieve.

Amager Strandpark-21

Amager Strandpark-22

Amager Strandpark-4




  • hach <3 ich liebe das meer auch und ich glaube, ich muss auch unbedingt einmal dänemark bereisen. es gibt soviel zu sehen, man weiß einfach nicht wo man anfangen soll ^.^

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    • thank you so much :) Copenhagen is a really lovely city and definitely worth a visit! It really depends on the type of travel person that you are, but I think 2-3 days would be great. There’s of course a lot more to explore there, but I think one would get a good picture of the city after 2-3 days :) are you planning on going there?


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