Catching up: Summer Edition 2017

I thought it was time for a small update about what has been going on in the past few months and what I was up to. There has been a lot going on lately: I graduated from university, I moved apartments, became an aunt, did some travelling, and am currently figuring out what my next steps in life should be.

In my last update – the Spring Edition – I was ranting on how little travelling I had been able to do but ended up discovering that I’d actually been doing a lot. In this post I could go in a similar direction as I have had the constant feeling of being restricted to my desk at home with the occasional family visit here and there. However, I think this is the typical feeling students have – always being tied to their laptops with the need to write a paper or study for an exam. Despite being the truth this time as I just finished my master studies and had to write my thesis during spring and early summer, I know that this is not true and I was able to actually do some travelling and there has been something going on in my life. So no ranting this time hopefully! ;)


At the beginning of sweet sweet May my friend Carina and I finally handed in our thesis (yes, at my university we had to pair up and write a thesis together). I guess we were both surprised how satisfied we were with our final version in the end, and that we managed to be done two weeks prior the official deadline so we could have it printed properly and sent via mail to our uni. I still remember one of my first ‘free’ weekends that I spent in Vienna – just taking a stroll after a rainy day in the tourist area of Vienna after a month of hardly any joyful activities. I also had time again to do some proper cooking and baking – yay – for example the mini versions of the traditional Austrian Nussschnecken.

Together with my friend Madlene I flew to London to visit our friend Daan, so I had my first little Moscow reunion over there. We had a great weekend where we explored some parts of London, went on a Street Art & Graffiti Tour, and Madlene and I even took a train down to Brighton for a day.


In June my friend Carina and I had to fly to Copenhagen for one last time to defend our thesis, and to finally finish our studies there. Everything went down smoothly, we spent some great last days in the capital of Denmark, visited friends, spent some time in the beautiful Botanical Garden of the city and pondered about life, the past, the present, and the future on the beach.

In June I went on my first solo trip ever. Nothing big, nothing dangerous. Just to the Culture Capital of Europe 2017 – Aarhus – located on Jutland in the west of Denmark. It was a great trip to a great small city with a cute canal and a beautiful museum – the Aros.


In July I spent a great deal at home with my family as I became an aunt at the end of June, and I had my family try a summer cake that I had included in my recipe repertoire. I also moved apartments in Vienna, so there was a lot of packing and unpacking happening and many IKEA visits necessary. It was a relatively unspectacular and unproductive yet busy month for me.

I was able to do some travelling (besides going back and from Vienna & Upper Austria) in July. I spent 24 hours in Graz, the capital of Styria, to have brunch together with my bf and some of his friends.

Another Moscow reunion was taking place in July, and this time it was in Vienna. My former Russian travel buddies Marcel (NL) and Frederik (DK) came to visit Madlene and me in our beautiful capital Vienna. We did some great sightseeing over the weekend, went to a traditional Heuriger, and had a few drinks while listening to some good local music at the Popfest. I really got to see my own ‘home town’ through a tourist’s lense with them.


August was my travel month. Together with my friend Julia I took a train from Vienna to the western end of Austria. We did some exploring in Bregenz and took the Pfänderbahn cable car up the local mountain, spent a day in the town Lindau which is situated on an island on the Lake Constance, and on our way back to the east we stopped in Innsbruck. There we got to see the beautiful capital of the alps and we took a cable car up to the Nordkette where we had a beautiful view over the city and the surrounding alps.

Back in Vienna I was finally able to do some exploring in the city and its surrounding, and was able to hike around the northern parts of Vienna and explored the Leopoldsberg, Kahlenberg, and Hermannskogel.

At the end of August my friend Carina and I spent 2.5 days in Amsterdam, where I was meeting another friend from Moscow – Katharina! We did some exploring in the city, had a lot of fries and sat in cozy cafés to enjoy the great weather. A very good ending of August I must say. Check out my blogpost about my trip ;)

As you can see I have been rather busy lately, there has actually been a lot going on in my life in the past few months. It’s been quite hectic and busy at times – especially during the process of writing the thesis – but I could definitely see the progress that I was making – not only when talking about the thesis, but also in my personal life :)




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