Christmas markets in Vienna: part III.

The time has come, Christmas is around the corner, and everyone’s getting ready for the big holidays. I’m staying with my family over the holidays, and I’m really looking forward to some – hopefully – quiet time at home. Especially in the past few days, the city has been crazy – people on the hunt for their last Christmas gifts or just leisurely strolling around. Both can be pretty annoying to someone who has to go to meetings and zig-zag through the crowd. But I totally get it and I wish every single one a joyful day in Vienna.

This post will be part III and thus the final one of the mini-series on Viennese Christmas markets. I’ll show you two of my favourites, the Art Advent at Karlsplatz, and the Christmas Market Schloss Schönbrunn. If you’re interested in more – check out the previous parts here and here :)

Christmas Market Schloss Schönbrunn

Another one that shouldn’t be neglected is the market in front of the Schloss Schönbrunn in the 13th district of Vienna. This is another every extraordinary Christmas season experience, and there is a lot to discover as there are 80 market booths waiting there. You’ll find traditional handicrafts, toys, Christmas decorations, and other knick-knacks there. Of course, there’s also plenty of food and hot Christmas drinks to enjoy there – they even have Germknödel there!

The location is what makes this market really special, as it’s located on the grand Parade court of Schönbrunn Palace. You’ve got this huge Christmas tree right in front of the palace, in the centre of the market, and the market stalls are forming some kind of circle before it, so you’ll feel a bit secluded from the big court. Especially in the evening when it’s already dark, it’s really amazing, as the lights make the location even more beautiful. Unfortunately, due to its location in the 13th district and thus not in the centre of the city, I hardly ever go to this market. On the upside, though, a visit to it is more special then.









Where to find it
In front of the Schloss Schönbrunn

Opening times
daily 10:00–21:00, special opening hours December 24–26 – see here

November 18 until December 26

For more information – check the website

There will also be a New Year’s Market from December 27 – January 1, where you’ll find New Year’s themed treasures and daily Jazz concerts.

Art Advent at Karlsplatz

The Art Advent market is located on the beautiful Karlsplatz in front of the Karlskirche (St. Charle’s Church). All products that are being offered there originate from certified organic suppliers. Also, the ingredients in the food and drinks you can buy there are organic. The stalls are regularly tested and undergo strict controls for the duration of the market, which is a great idea.

Despite being rather big, the Art Advent at Karlsplatz has a cosy feeling to it as well. With all the lanes of the park, the festive decorations, and the massive church in the background, it is a lovely place for having mulled wine. In front of the church, where there’s usually a big fountain during summer, the space is turned into a straw-winter-wonderland, and there’s even a petting zoo there. So there’s definitely a lot to look at and a lot to buy for Christmas at this market.







Where to find it
At the Karlsplatz

Opening times
daily 12:00–20:00

November 17 until December 23

For more information – check the website

6 thoughts on “Christmas markets in Vienna: part III.

  1. grade habe ich gesehen, dass ich bei dir noch nicht auf folgen geklickt hab. sowas aber auch. heuer bin ich echt nur total wenig rumgekommen was die christkindlmärkte betrifft und ich habe es glatt verpasst, meinen fixpunkt in schönbrunn einzuplanen (was möglicherweise dran liegt, dass meine stamm-standln jetzt am hof und auf der freyung und vorm michaelertor stehen, da ich sehr glühweinheikel bin und punsch sowieso verweigere -.-). ach das macht mich grade ein bisschen traurig. der advent war aber auch maximal kurz dieses jahr, wir hatten viel regen und dann war da noch uni. hmmmpf. sorry jetzt hab ich dich zu-ge-mimimi-t…

    Liked by 1 person

    • haha vielen dank fürs folgen ;)
      geht mir genauso, ich trinke auch nie punsch und bleib dem glühwein treu! ja stimmt, das wetter war ja nur solala irgendwie (wenn ich mich richtig erinnere!) und bei regen herumstehen ist meistens auch nicht so lustig… und kein problem fürs zu-mimimi-n, ein bisschen sudern gehört ja schließlich dazu! haha ;)


  2. Liebe Christina,
    ach ja… der Weihnachtsmarkt in Schönbrunn. Ein echtes Goldstück mMn. Da ich dort arbeite (also im Schloß) bin ich fast jeden Tag dort und trotzdem schaffe ich es nicht mir in Ruhe mal Alles anzuschauen. Aber es gibt dort wirklich ein paar schöne traditionelle Geschenke zu kaufen. Dafür schätze ich den Markt sehr.
    Mein Lieblingsmarkt ist der beim Belveder. Meiner Meinung nach am Abend fast noch schöner als in Schönbrunn, weil einfach nicht so viele Leute dort sind und es so schön ruhig ist! ;)
    Alles Liebe,

    Liked by 1 person

    • da stimme ich dir zu, Mira! schon alleine aufgrund des schlosses sind immer echt viele leute (besonders touristen) bei dem weihnachtsmarkt dort. leider hab ichs heuer nicht geschafft, zum belevedere zu kommen, nächstes jahr dann hoffentlich :D


  3. Love your photos! These are probably my favourite markets and I really missed them this year… Now reading through your article it feels like a little tour :) I hope you had some wonderful and relaxing holidays and I wish you all the best for 2018!!

    Liked by 1 person

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