Catching up: autumn/winter edition 2017.

It’s time for a small update once again. I’ll be sharing with you what I’ve been up to recently, starting from September until now, end of December. So it’s a mix of autumn & winter, travelling and staying at home, starting work and making the most out of Vienna and life in general :)


September was a beautiful month regarding the weather (or am I mistaken? September seems to be so far away though). And life was beautiful as well. The month was full of mini-travel-adventures. I spent a day in beautiful but touristy Salzburg where I met up with my friend Viktoria who I haven’t seen since leaving Moscow.

With my mom and sister, I took a boat trip to Bratislava (actually from Bratislava to Vienna, but we’re not dwelling on the details here). It was my first trip to Austria’s neighbour Slovakia, and despite the fact that Bratislava is relatively small, it’s a very interesting city nevertheless. And the boat trip was great, just saying.

I finally made it to the last city on my see-all-9-province-capitals-from-Austria list, St.Pölten! Technically, I’ve been there a few times, but never took the time to go on a sightseeing trip through the city. I emust say it’s rather sleepy, especially on a Sunday when everything’s closed, but it was a good meeting point for my friend Madlene and I, and we had a good time there.


Oh, and another crazy and adventurous thing that happened in September was that I joined the crazy, weird, wonderful, magnificent, beautiful team of the magazine Vienna Würstelstand (and no, it’s not about sausages). Whoop whoop. So check out the magazine and see all my contributions there!


The month of October was pretty relaxed, not a lot was happening, I was busy with writing for the magazine, and I just enjoyed Vienna in its beautiful autumn colours. I shared my easy DIY all-natural detergent recipe with you and I wrote about a small park of my neighbourhood, the Liechtenstein park in Vienna’s 9th district.



A rather unpleasant thing happening in October was the election of the new parliament in Austria, but let’s not talk about that. Sad memories.

Let’s just focus on the good things. Like the beautiful foliage in the Setagayapark.


As those things happen sometimes, I had a writer’s blockage on my blog and wasn’t putting much out there really in November. I was still figuring out life in Vienna, and I also started another job as a Social Media Manager for a startup. At the beginning of November, I shared my small quick & easy dessert recipe collection with you, and I also stumbled over some unpublished pictures from my time in Moscow which I put in my post about Park Pobedy in Moscow.

However, at the end of November – when the city was being dressed up in pretty Christmas lights already and the many Christmas markets opened – fresh ideas came to my mind and I found my blog spirit again! Let’s hope that it will stay like this for a while ;)





December was the month where I was fully immersed in the city’s beauty. I went to several Christmas markets and wrote a mini-series about that – check out part I (Viennese Christmas Dream in front of the City Hall), part II (with Christmas market at Spittelberg & Christmas Village Maria-Theresien-Platz), and part III (Art Advent on Karlsplatz & Christmas market Schönbrunn palace) if you’re interested in them. And I also shared my all-time Christmas cookie favourites with you – check out the recipes here.

In general, I did a lot of city-exploring, and by that, I don’t mean that I went to new corners of the city, I rather went to places that I’ve been to many times before. But recently I realised how much I was focused on other things and  that I wasn’t noticing the area around me, that I wanted to take a step back and enjoy my surroundings a bit more.

As you can see, in the last few months I was unable to really do much travelling (September’s the exception here). I was kinda stuck in Vienna. Don’t get me wrong, I love Vienna and it’s been really nice to explore the city after being away for almost 2 years, but my feet are itching and I can’t wait to travel some more. Hopefully, the new year will bring some new travel adventures ;) And let me tell you, I’m currently planning a few trips… yay!

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