Catching up: Spring Edition in 2018.

It’s June already, so spring is more or less officially over. At least here in Vienna, where we’ve been confronted with 30°C lately. And that’s a summer temperature if you ask me. The first five months of the year have gone by like a whirlwind (or is it only me?) so I thought I’d be writing one of the recap editions and give you guys a heads up on what’s been going on in my life from January up until now.


I started the beginning of the year quite optimistic in terms of content for my blog as I ended 2017 super motivated. For my first January blog post, I went back in time (more or less) and took you on a mental visit to a place that I visited during my bachelor exchange in the UK: Edinburgh.

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One of the cutest but also saddest stories that I've heard while traveling was the one of Bobby, the Skye terrier of Edinburgh. His master had died and he stood guard over his grave day after day until his own death. At least he's got his own statue (and a pub named after him!) now. 🐶 . . . #edinburghspotlight #weloveedinburgh #hiddenscotland #thisisscotland #scotlandlover #loves_scotland #capturingbritain #scotland_greatshots #scotlandsbeauty #ig_worldclub #picturesofedinburgh #greyfriarkirkegard #bobby #greyfriarsbobby #goexplore #igersviennaontour #passionpassport #living_europe #beautifuldestinations #exploretocreate #seeyourcity #ourplanetdaily #neverstopexploring #wanderlust #adventuremore #justgoshoot #getoutandexplore #neverstopexploring #finditliveit #whatabeautifulworld

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And I did a lot of my Vienna exploring and was enjoying the architecture of the city to the fullest.

Being busy at my job at the startup, with content creation for the magazine, Vienna Würstelstand, and rather frequent visits to my family, I ended up not having a lot of time for the blog for the rest of the month. But it was the beginning of the year, and January has always been a slow month for me in terms of creativity.


February was definitely the busiest month at work as we launched a Kickstarter campaign at the startup (and you gotta try for perfection in order to have a successful campaign). In addition, a few nasty things with my teeth happened, so I had some issues with my dentist and ended up going to a new dentist way too many times for my liking. Again, hardly any time for blog adventures, but I wrote a piece on what to do in Vienna when it’s cold outside. Taking a walk on the empty Schönbrunn palace grounds or hopping on a tram that takes you past beautiful buildings are on the list!


In March I was finally able to visit one of my Moscow friends in Lyon, France. I spent some days with her and she showed me the city that she’s currently studying it. I had some wonderful days there and immediately fell in love with the town and had to take hundreds of pictures of the magnificent architecture there. This is probably also the reason why I haven’t really gotten around to writing about my trip, but there will be some articles coming, I promise! ;)

I got to spend some time in the kitchen though and ended up sharing one of my go-to recipes when it comes to an easy and quick plant-based dessert recipe: the mini chocolate cheesecakes with raspberry sauce.


Other than that, I kinda took a hiatus from social media and my blog. I just didn’t feel like posting. I wasn’t all too happy with social media in general and I guess I wasn’t happy with what I’ve been doing lately. That’s a tough cookie if you gotta be online because of what you’re doing in your job but you’re not liking what you’re doing. And throw in health/teeth problems, and then you got a fine mix there if you ask me. Yay!


April arrived and things turned sunnier, both weather-wise and in my life. April’s my birthday month, so things are always kinda sunny for me in April anyway, no matter what’s happening. I finally started to feel more comfortable with social media again. And as my temp job at the startup was ending in April, I started an internship at yet another startup (haha) that is finally bringing me more into the direction that I wanna go.

Besides changing my job, my sister had her first baby, so I spent a few lovely spring days with the family. As every year in spring when I’m home, my family is super into Wild Garlic and I ended up harvesting way too much for my flat in Vienna so I had to come up with a way of preserving it (besides filling up my freezer…). That’s what brought me to share my plant-based Wild garlic recipes that are perfect for spring.


I finally got around to writing about the Old Town in Lyon. My first article on my trip to France from March! So I’m slowly getting around to sorting through the masses of photos that I took.

So May was another good month for me, it kinda gave me a motivational booster that I desperately needed. I enrolled in a weekly yoga class, decided to try other sports out and just got more active in general. In addition, I kinda feel at home with my new job now. Oh, and other good news: I finally saw my dentist for the last time, yay me!

So the start of the year wasn’t the shiniest moment during my life, but not everything can go the way I wish it would. But that’s fine. I was fine with taking a break from my blog’s social media accounts and from blogging on a more regular basis. There are things that are way more important than social media or the online world in general. You gotta take care of yourself first. I’m still working on accepting that my day only has so many hours and my week has so many days. But I’m taking steps in the right direction I guess :)

Catching up: Spring Edition 2017.

I haven’t been able to post as much or as regularly as I wanted since the start of 2017, especially in the past few weeks, as the end of my master studies are near and I am about to hand in my thesis so I was pretty much glued to my desk and haven’t been able to do anything else. No socializing, no trying new food places, enjoying the spring weather, no nothing for me but writing writing writing and the occasional Sex and the City episode in between to get my mind of things. So of course there was no time to do much traveling much to my dismay. However, this will soon be over, and I have already planned and booked some trips, so there’s something that I can look forward to!

Nonetheless, I thought I wanted to give you a short update on what I’ve managed to squeeze in in the past few months.


January was the first month back in Austria after my time abroad in Russia. I spent a lot of time with my family in Upper Austria, but also some time with friends and boyfriend in Vienna. It was freezingly cold in Vienna, and it was the first time in my life that I saw the Danube being frozen. I even walked on it! I sorted out my exchange things so I could close the chapter ‘Exchange Russia’ and finally started with my thesis.


In February I had the possibility to go and do some exploring in a part of Austria that I am not really familiar with (despite its closeness to Vienna) – Burgenland. I visited the capital of Burgenland, home of composer Haydn, for the first time, which you can see in my post about Eisenstadt. A week later I had a delicious, yet slightly expensive brunch right at the seafront of the Lake Neusiedl, another great place in Burgenland. It was so beautiful and still partly frozen so it was such a nice location for having a nice, relaxed morning there.

When talking about February I can’t skip Maslenitsa – Butter Week – and the fact that I had pancakes almost every day in one week. I guess I should feel a bit ashamed? But to my defense – the pancakes that I made are at least vegan and healthier? At least that’s what I am telling myself… Here you can also find a traditional Russian recipe for some type of pancakes that they make – Syrniki.


March – the beginning of spring! The beginning of the ice cream season (for me there’s actually ice cream season 24/7/365). And the beginning of beautiful flower bouquets.

My thesis brought be once back to beautiful beautiful Copenhagen so I could have a quick meeting with my supervisor, plus meet a few friends, enjoy a few drinks, and go and see a cool light exhibition at Ofelia Plads. Despite the bad, rainy weather I enjoyed a nice weekend there. It was good to be back!


April is usually one of my favourite months as it is at the beginning of spring, and the beautiful pink cherry blossoms are everywhere. I found the time to spend a few hours in a beautiful Japanese garden in Vienna, which unfortunately has been the only exploring that I was able to do lately. The rest of April – even my birthday – was full of thesis thesis thesis. Oh and a quick Easter weekend that I spent in Carinthia, Styria, and Upper Austria. So at least I saw a bit of Austria, revisited the beautiful Lake Wörth, and had a lot of local food at relatives’ places, such as the nettle cream soup that I talked about it in my last blog post.

Today’s my birthday and as I am writing this and thinking about what I have been doing in the last few months I realised that it was actually more than I remembered :D A lot has happened in the past few months, and a lot is going to happen in the next few months. A new chapter of my life will begin sometime soon, and a huge chapter of my life – my student time – will come to an end. I am looking forward to new challenges, new experiences, and I hope you will be part of my journey :)

Catching up: April edition.

April: spring came – the sun was out and blossoms bloomed everywhere – and was gone again – with rain and snow showers. Luckily, spring returned again. Fingers crossed that it will stay with us!. But the return was not fast enough – I still got sick during those few colds days :( But on a more bright side – it was my sister’s bachelorette party and what better reason is there for going home than to attend my sister’s bachelorette party? Actually, I was the planner of the party, so I kind of had to be there anyways ;). I also got the chance to go out for drinks with a few close friends for my birthday and spend a couple of days with my family at home. Here’s the rest of my little April update :)

April in terms of: University

Two final papers were due in April and even though I had visitors I guess (or hope?) that I did okayish. So there are only two other courses left which are group papers/exams. This will be interesting! :) And then I am done with the semester :O I can’t believe how time flew by…

April in terms of: Life.

At the beginning of April my sister and cousin visited me in Copenhagen. It was so nice to have family in town – especially short after the Easter break that I spent without family in Denmark.



Hello Mr. T-Rex? (sorry for the bad quality – had to zoom in quite a bit)

Also, as I am about to finish Gilmore Girls I had to find another TV show to watch. I started a new one – and no, it is not Game of Thrones (well actually, yes, I watched the first two episodes of the new season but I did not choose to do so on my own). It is Shaun the Sheep. It is available on Netflix and it is just the cutest thing ever! And the song is stuck in my head almost 24/7. One episode contains kind of two mini-episodes and it is about 15 minutes long. I don’t even want to google how many episodes there are… :( But I am trying my best not to binge-watch it :D

For those of you who are interested in the German theme song – there you go:

April in terms of: Traveling.

I spent half of April at home in Austria due to my sister’s bachelorette party and also because I only had one class that I’d miss during those two weeks. So why not spend the time abroad?! So off I went. I even got to see a beautiful sunset on the plane.


Bye bye Copenhagen!




Flowers were waiting for me (:

Back home in Austria there was so much to do and so many little things to organise for the bachelorette party and the upcoming wedding in general. But I still had time to go for nice walks and have lots and lots of my favourite dishes and go out for drinks.



Great view from the 25h hotel bar :)

There was also the Long Night of Research which I didn’t want to miss! I got to hear interesting things about nuclear energy & the International Atomic Energy Agency and I got to see the ‘stars’ (and much more) at the Planetarium in Vienna.



I also saw this man at the Long Night of Research… :D


Ferris wheel next to the Planetarium

My birthday was in April and I decided to celebrate it only with a few friends in a nice location where we had a couple of drinks. No big party or anything. I might be getting old. :D


A friend surprised me with a cake. yay! :)

For the first couple of days in Austria it was so warm and almost summer-like! My ‘thin’ coat (although some people called it wintercoat?!) was way too warm :( But after a couple of days there was a complete turnaround and it was snowing and we had temperatures below zero during the night. Not to my surprise I got a bad cold which came in handy right before my sister’s hen party. Not. Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun but I will spare you the pictures ;)

April in terms of: Food.

I had the whole flat in Copenhagen to myself for most of the time which meant I could experiment quite a bit in the kitchen due to the spaciousness of the empty flat/kitchen. yay ;) This also lead to a lot of ‘healthy’ food options :)

Food_Vegan Pasta

Vegan avocado broccoli pasta


Veggie bowl

Back home I took the chance to go to places and eat dishes that I miss in CPH – mainly Pizza and Gyoza. Not that they don’t have them here in CPH but they just don’t have the same places as they do in Vienna. :D Also, it is asparagus season at the moment and of course I had to get as many dishes with asparagus as possible ;)


Gyozas from Ra’mien


Selfmade Pizza!!


Asparagus soup and baby-potato salad from Suppenwirtschaft


French Bagel from OrangeBar


Asparagus risotto for my birthday!!

April in terms of: Home.

Every time that I am in Austria I spend most of my time in Vienna as many of my friends and my boyfriend are living there. However, my real ‘home’ – where I grew up and where my close family lives – is on the countryside and around 3 hours (by public transport) away from Vienna. This is where I can go outside and truly enjoy nature and especially spring with all the blossoms :)


Home is also the place where I can spend time with ‘my’ dog (technically my father’s and brother’s dog, but who cares about technicalities).


My dog’s favourite spot in the house – the windowsill


This was my little April update. I hope you liked it! :) I am already back in Copenhagen and busy with university. Stay tuned for more updates ;)



Catching up: February edition.

Long time no see! I’m finally back on the track again with blogging on a more regular basis. I’ve missed doing it but I also couldn’t bring myself to sit down and commit myself. There was not much to blog about; and writing only half-heartedly about stuff that I am not sure that I want to share is just not my thing. Instead, I took a short break and am now sharing the most interesting bits and bobs of the past few weeks :)

As mentioned here, eating healthy (or at least healthier) has been on my to-do-list during the past few weeks. I tend to eat very unhealthy when it comes to exam time or other stressful times. I tried a couple of new recipes; broccoli & bulgur have become my go-to ingredients lately. Also, I treated myself to some very delicious pancakes that only contain bananas, oats and almond milk. I think that I’ve never mastered any types of pancakes the way I did them! YAY. :)


Veggie-bulgur bowl


Healthy version of pancakes

Although we had a short ‘winterholiday’, we had a lot to do for university. However, we also used the time to get a good, delicious and reasonably-priced breakfast at Paludan Bogcafé.


Vegetarian breakfast

My boyfriend was the sweetest one ever. He sent me a little care package of stuff that I really like and it arrived just at the right time and day. Too bad that the snickers he got me should have been sent back to the producer due to an international recall (55 countries). Apparently, someone found a plastic cap in a snickers bar which was in the same production as mine, but we were told way too late and half of the snickers were gone by that time. haha. I’m still alive though.


A little something from the boy.

You can’t always live a healthy life and pizza is just one of the most delicious dishes ever. So Carina and I spontaneously decided to go out for Pizza to this Italian place ‘La Perla‘ in the city centre of Copenhagen. Very cosy, very small, very Italian servers. But come on – serving coca cola in the plastic bottle? Not classy at all. But anyways, I would definitely go there again – delicious pizza plus they served bread beforehand.


Various circumstances led me to a short trip to Austria. So goodbye Denmark…

… and hello Austria!
The flight was way too early in the morning, but I got to see the sunrise (too bad that I chose to sit on the wrong side of the plane…). Also, I got to eat at my favourite (vegan) burger place in Vienna – Swing Kitchen!! – before taking a train to my family.

Swing Kitchen

Best burger place in town!

My mom and me got to spend a lot of time together (just the two of us) and it was good to finally be able to catch up and enjoy a cup of coffee & cake. We haven’t been able to do this in forever!


After just a few days it was time to say goodbye Austria…


hello DK.

… and hello Denmark.
Back to ‘normal’, back to university, back to my exam. yay. :D However, I managed to finish in time (even though I had spent a few days at home where I had hardly done anything for uni). One of the first things I did back in town was getting tea and a Danish pastry with Carina! Nothing’s better on a rainy day.


Tea and Danish pastry

We also used our spare time with going to H&M and have breakfast for free. ;)

Niklas – one of our friends from our programme – had his birthday party on Friday. It was so much fun and so good being able to catch up with everyone after being absent from class/uni.


This was a small update on what I’ve been up to lately (actually, not that small after reading through it again :D).

Have a listen to my go-to song of the month :) very relaxing and nice to listen to!

Also, it’s that time of the year where flowers will be blooming soon! YAY to spring and to more sun! :) Are you all looking forward to spring as well?