Catching up: June Edition.

June was a month full of university related stuff due to final hand-ins and oral exams. It was also the month of my sister’s wedding and a week without proper Internet.

June in terms of: Travelling.

In my last blogpost I already wrote about that I had to take one final trip up north to Copenhagen due to my final exams. I couldn’t take a direct flight from Vienna so I had to travel to Munich via car-train-bus and then take a plane to CPH. So exhausting! Unfortunately, I had to do the same when travelling back – but this time instead of driving to my parent’s home I stayed on the train even longer to go to Vienna and visit my bf & friends. 14+ hours travelling was so exhausting… But at least I got to enjoy breakfast with Carina at Munich airport and we drove past Chiemsee in Germany.




June in terms of: University.

Right at the beginning of the month my group members and I had to finish our last written paper (about Lego and Airbnb, in case you are wondering). Also, we had to prepare ourselves for the oral exams that were based on our written projects. Unfortunately, there was so much confusion until the very end regarding what would be asked and what not. However, both exams turned out to be okay-ish, the examiners were not too bad and we got good pieces of advice for our master thesis. A good end of the semester/year.

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June in terms of: Food.

At the beginning of June I attended a food festival in Vienna. The location was beautiful as it was in the courtyard the town hall of Vienna. I tried a burger from Die Burgermacher, a Burrito from Wrapstars and a famous portuguese Pastel de Nata from Nata Lisboa.

Another food highlight of June was that one time that I cooked vegan for half of my family. They got to enjoy a cucumber-apple soup and a burrito bowl, and they liked it (:

June was also the month where I got to try my own home-grown cress for the first time. I haven’t had cress in years and we kids used to eat it quite a lot when we were younger. So it was a little throwback to my childhood :D

My love for Pizza is not unknown, and due to all the free time on my hands I decided to make some from scratch myself (together with my bf). Delicious, of course ;)

Last but not least, I also need to mention the delicious Pad Thai that I had at Wagamama and the strawberry muffins at Shaneel’s, if you remember my last post.






June in terms of: Life.

Definitely the most memorable life event of June was my Sister’s Wedding. After 10 years of dating and 1 year of being engaged, she got married to (I suppose :P) love of her life. I wish them all the best (:

This June was the first time ever that I swam in the Danube. Crazy, even though that I grew up so close by it, and it is pretty common in Vienna to take a refreshing swim in the river on a hot summer day. I just never got around to it and I have to admit that I’d rather stay inside in a cool house than broil in the hot sun. But taking a refreshing swim isn’t too bad, I have to admit… :D

At the end of June there’s always a (music) festival in Vienna that millions of people have been enjoying for quite some time now. As it’s at the end of June I have only been there once (or twice?) before as it was usually the week right before finals at uni. No time for fun, eh?! As my exams were over mid-June, I finally got to enjoy the Donauinselfest guilt-free, yay. Gudrun von Laxenburg was definitely my favourite act, Samy Deluxe and Frittenbude were pretty cool too. Also, I got to watch and more or less hear (terrible sound engineering) a few songs of Sean Paul. AND EVERYTHING FREE OF CHARGE.

June 2016 is also more or less equivalent to Euro2016. I am not a huge soccer fan but I like watching the ‘bigger’ games, especially with other people around. Naturally, I had to watch at least one game with the Austrian national team in a public viewing place. Sadly, ‘we’ lost and this was the end for our team for Euro2016. But I never expected them to be any good, so I am ‘officially’ rooting for Iceland and France now. Go either one of them!

The end of June did not mean well with me as everywhere I travelled to in Austria there was a problem with the wifi connection. What was there to do with all my free time when everybody around me in Vienna was studying and it was just too hot outside? And at home – when I needed the internet for scholarship/uni stuff and my blog? Stupid UPC and stupid thunderstorms that damage modems -.- Thankfully, this torment is over now and I am back online. :D







June in terms of: Home.

After months of studying, travelling and more or less living in two countries (at least for the past two months), I finally (more or less) settled in Austria again (at least until the end of August). However, I’ve already made future travel plans, and big things are planned for the time after August, so there’s a lot going on at the moment. Still, it is good to recharge batteries at home. Enjoy the nature, enjoy the pets, enjoy the family. All the things that I never/hardly ever have in my beloved cities.




This happens when you try to take a selfie with your dog…

Catching up: May edition.

May was a month of having visitors, doing final work for university, and saying my first goodbyes to places and people.

May in terms of: Life

At the beginning of the month I just got back from a two-week trip to Austria. If you remember from my April chatching up edition – I stayed at home for two weeks due to my sister’s bachelorette party and my own birthday. When I got back to Copenhagen Carina and I went straight to see the last cherry blossoms of the season.


At the beginning of May two friends of mine came to stay with me for a few days. We had a lovely time – full of sightseeing, beach relaxation and food!



Another very exciting (?) event happened in May: Eurovision Songcontest! After Austria’s victory in 2014 and the big event in Vienna in 2015, Austrians are kind of crazy about ESC. I got invited to a small ESC-party where a few of my fellow BCM people came. However, despite the craziness of the event, we couldn’t wait for the result and decided to go to a club instead … ;)


May in terms of: University

May was the month where all my courses came to an end – the only thing left are two group projects that I have to hand-in in the next few days plus oral exams in mid-June. yay. Hence, a lot of productivity was needed, no time for procrastination you’d think… :D But even in times like that there’s always time for cake!


May in terms of: Food.

Food is a big part of my (I guess everyone’s) life, especially in May as I had to say my final goodbyes to some of my favourite spots in town. Okay, this all sounds overly dramatic, and yes, i will already be back in June and also for next year’s master thesis defense and all that stuff but still…


Moving out also meant ‘getting rid’ of food products that I still had. I just couldn’t take everything with me in my suitcase :D So I got to eat quite a lot of frozen fruits and oats. yay :)



Shaneel – one of my friends from BCM ( who also made the delicious chocolate cheesecake that I mentioned in last week’s post) – invited a few people over to her place(including me of course) and cooked lunch. Pakistani lunch! We were all so excited to try the stuff she’d made. She even cooked something vegetarian for me palak paneer (basically spinach and cheese. yum!) which was so damn delicious that I immediately asked for the recipe. I’ll give it a try myself soonish.



there’s also always time & room for pizza…

May in terms of: Home.

I moved out of my apartment in Copenhagen and moved back home. It’s cheaper and I have to be at home during the next couple of weeks anyways, so it would be a waste having a room in Copenhagen where no one lives in.


Instead, I got to spend a lot of my time at home with my family and beloved pets in May, enjoying nature & food ;) I guess I had my fair share of asparagus this season…





Also – hello beloved Vienna!



my beloved Baklava <3 long time no see! :D

Another very important and exciting thing happened: Austria selected a new president! An election has never been this exciting or controversial like this before in Austria.


It’s good to be back – even though it will only be for a short amount of time. The next chapter of my (study) life awaits me :) But first, I have to finish all my exams…

Sunshine in beautiful Copenhagen.

The weather has been so nice in Copenhagen lately, I was really astonished. I could even use my sunglasses (once)!! Too bad that I had to spend quite some time at university, especially when the sun was out. Nevertheless, I still tried to enjoy every sunray of each sunny day ;) It’s wonderful how such a tiny thing like sunshine can brighten up the mood and bring joy to life.


Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

The other day when I had no uni and nothing planned for the day (except doing stuff for uni – which I of course did not do after all) the sun came out in the afternoon. I was torn between cooking, drinking coffee or going for a walk. However, especially when living in such a beautiful neighbourhood like I do, sitting inside all day long would have been such a waste, so I opted for the walk :) So nothing could stop me from talking a walk for an hour in the beautiful, sunny Copenhagen.


me in ma hood.



I was walking along Stadsgraven, a canal that seperates Christianshavn from Amager. There are several causeways and footbridges across this canal, so it is a goo place for talking a stroll. I’ve been loving this area lately, as it is so nice and quiet, separated from all the buzz that is going on around Christianshavn (especially near the metro station -.- ). You can see that other people and the wildlife (well, mainly birds at the moment) are also enjoying this part of town. :)




A sign of spring!


Also, on the other side you can see the Sjømannskirken Kong Haakons Kirke, a Norwegian church.







The sun brings out the true beauty of Copenhagen. It’s such a nice and beautiful city. I really like the canals, the boats and the architecture. All the colourful houses along the canals are just great to look at. I’m having my fingers crossed that there will be a lot of sun in the next few months!

Food and Wine – always fine.

What do you do when the weather’s only suboptimal and you haven’t got much to do for university? You go out and try a new place for lunch. Or go to a wine tasting. Why not?! ;)

So at the beginning of the week my friends & I went to a place for lunch that we’ve never been to – Grød. This place specialises in porridge, but has other dishes on its menu as well. There are three Grøds in Copenhagen and one of them is at the Torvehallerne, which is more like a market hall with over 60 stands where you can get a lot of different things – from food to body soap to plants and flowers. It is a great hall to walk around and see all the delicious things that are offered. They even let you try a few of the things for free ;) And it’s right next to Nørreport Station, so very easy to get to.

As it was already around 1pm we all decided to go for a more lunch-like option so Sarah & I had Daal (linsen lentil porridge) and Carina went for a more Risotto-like dish. Our Daal was really good, although I have to admit that I’ve had better ones before. I think the main reason for this was that they put coriander in there and that’s not my favourite spice ;)


What I really really liked were the salted almonds – delicious! :) Carina didn’t like her dish but it had chicken in it so I couldn’t taste it myself – so no comment from my side :D I definitely want to come back and try one of the porridges.

Version 2

I spent the rest of the week preparing for university, going on the occasional walk and cooking. Yes, I had a bit more time for cooking and eating healthier again ;) During the past few weeks I haven’t been my usual self and haven’t eaten properly (maybe also due to my laziness and not wanting to go grocery shopping…). So I got back on the healthier side! yay! I even cooked with bulgur for the first time in my life and ate A LOT of fruits :D

Wine tasting
mentioned before that CBS has a Wine Society and I already took part in one of their tastings (Wine Tasting 101). They hosted another event this week and Sarah, Carina, Cecilia and I got tickets for it. The event was held at a wine store in the city centre, at Vinoble St.Petri. Very pretty.


We got to try 8 different wines from ‘all around the globe’ (actually 8 different types of grapes from Germany, Italy, France, New Zealand and other places). So 1 champagne, 3 white wines and 4 red wines.

Personally, I almost every time prefer a red wine over a white. This time my favourite was also a red one, organic (first organic one that I’ve ever tried), coming from Germany (more precisely the Pfalz region).



the best!

The tasting was interesting, we heard (too many) interesting things about wine, how it’s made and other stuff. Fun fact of the evening: there’s an app which tells you if today is a good day for drinking wine. The day of the wine tasting was apparently one of the best days in the month for drinking wine. yay. ;) So to sum it up – we had a lot of fun, it was a great evening with the girls :)

‘Celebrating’ J-dag in Copenhagen.

I was finally able to move into my new apartment (though not yet into my room) so I wanted to usefully spend my time, namely at Ikea. As Carina has also just moved into her new flat we both took one day off studying and went to IKEA and got a few things. Most of the things I got were of decorative purpose – lots of candles, candle holders and cacti. Probably most importantly we also got ourselves some cake and Köttbullar/Grøntsagsboller (veggie version of them). Cheap and yummy :)


You can’t go to IKEA and not eat at the restaurant.

Besides getting stuff for my new flat I also had to prepare for my next assignment which starts on 9th November. This time I only have 72 hours to write a 10-page-paper. Therefore, I had to do all the reading beforehand as I usually don’t keep up with the readings during the semester. I just don’t see why I should do that – most of the time the professor just repeats the stuff from the book and the articles during the lecture, so if I read everything beforehand, the lecture would be extremely boring sometimes. From time to time they get boring anyway, so… whatever :D All in all I spent quite a lot of time in the library again, yay!

Friday was another ‘special’ day in Denmark – J-dag. J-dag is the day on which the arrival of the Christmas brew of Tuborg is celebrated in various bars. The Danish brewery Tuborg (member of the Carlsberg group) has been brewing a special beer for Christmas for quite some time and the beer is available only for a few weeks. The company started with this tradition in 1990 and the event turned out to be quite a success. Another special thing about this event is that the beer is only available to the public after 20.59 on that day. So you can already see the Julebryg in stores all over town but you won’t be able to buy it :D The Julebryg (Jul = Christmas –> Christmas brew) has a slightly higher alcohol concentration, is malty and apparently tastes like liquorice. Since 2010, J-dag is celebrated on the first Friday of November.

So on Friday, Carina, Sarah and I wanted to bring a bit of a change into our study sessions and went to the university café/bar, where there was an event for J-dag. The whole bar was decorated accordingly (all in blue and ready for Christmas) and Christmas music (at times other music like Michael Jackson as well) was blasting out of the boxes.

We even got a bagel for free and it was sooooo delicious! On the facebook eventpage it only said ‘snacks’ were included so we were expecting nothing like that and were quite suprised :D They even had a veggie bagel and it was so delicious!

The beer was better than expected, but I would never buy it in a bar as it was just too malty for me. At least I think this was the reason why I did not like it :D And it did not taste like liquorice at all.Though, not many people were there – lucky us. We were not in the mood for a night-out and just wanted to taste the beer and have a good conversation. we had a lot of fun and they were already playing Christmas music. So I am already in a very Christmassy mood and am looking forward to going to the first Christmas markets of the season. Stay tuned, I will definitely report on them ;)

Another week about cars. | Exam time.

This entry will be a very short one as I do not want to bore you with library and exam stuff. I could tell you a lot about Tesla Motors and various perspectives of consumer behaviour but I’d rather not. If you are interested in reading stuff about Tesla Motors and their e-cars, you can have a look at this article… Arnold Schwarzenegger is mentioned there. Haha.


So again – lots of time spent in the library.


The most interesting day of my week was probably Tuesday. Carina and I got up very early in the morning so we could enjoy a free breakfast at H&M! We also got a discount of 20% on everything. Yay :)


so much food!




I promise I will be able to write a bit more next week as the exam will finally be over, Halloween is coming up, my boyfriend is in town again and I will be moving into a new flat. Stay tuned ;)


Spending time in the library. | Exam time

This week I haven’t had any classes due to Efterårsferie – the autumn holidays in Denmark. Nonetheless, my first “exam” of one of my courses started. It is a take home assignment, where I have two weeks to write a paper of around 15 pages on the different perspectives of consumer behaviour. The case is about Tesla Motors. Yay. Cars. Funnily enough, my sister told me two days before the hand out of the assignment that she and her fiancé have just booked a Tesla car as their car for their wedding next June. At least I have a little insight in a potential consumer of one of these cars.

In the past few days l have been spending a lot of time reading the course literature in order to apply it in the assignment. So my week was relatively boring, nothing extraordinary happened.


Sunny day spent in the library


In times like these you gotta treat yourself once in a while – cheap chocolate and cheap no-name coke


Stuff that keeps me alive in the library


My university building on a rainy Saturday morning

A few words about the university buildings. CBS is not a campus university so there are several buildings across Frederiksberg. The main building (which you can see above) is on Solbjerg Plads (short SP) and this is also where I have spent a lot of time in the library and where the wine tasting took place. The other building that I mostly go to is the graduate house on Nyholms Vej (NV), where I have got all my courses. The Danish classes take place in the (I believe) old building on Dalgas Have. There is another building on Porcelænshaven, but I have no idea what the purpose of this one is as I have only been to it once and haven’t seen much of it.


Shopping centre right across the CBS


Entrance hall of the university

I could also try out a few things in the kitchen as I have had so much time on my hands and all my favourite youtubers unfortunately don’t post daily videos and one cannot always watch kittens and puppies.


Chia pudding with caramelised bananas and blueberries


Spinach-Feta-Hummus things :D


Stuff that you find on the streets


Even on a dull rainy day you can find beautiful spots in the city


Rainy day spent in the library. yay

Exploring Copenhagen’s cultural side.

Last Sunday Sarah, Carina and I went to a flea market on Islands Brygge on Amager. This quay is so beautiful and apparently one of the most popular areas along the harbourfront in Copenhagen. The architecture there is very extraordinary – a mixture of old buildings and modern architecture, which makes the area even more interesting. It was a very typical flea market with a huge variety of offerings for young and old. We didn’t pay close attention to them because it was way more interesting how people were behaving and in what things they were interested in, so we only got coffee, wandered around and talked a lot.

The market was also very close to a very special bridge – the so-called “Circlebroen” (The Circle Bridge), which only opened in August 2015 and connects Christiansbro and Appelbys Plads. The bridge consists of five different sized circular platforms and is a pedestrian bridge. According to the internet, the bridge should represent a ship by the quay as a reference to the shipping history of Copenhagen :D




On the Circklebroen

Enjoying the view

As I have mentioned in a previous blog post, CBS has various societies, including CBS Wine. This society holds several events a year where they try to teach you some important things about wine. Carina and I gave it a go and went to one of their events: Wine Tasting 101. IMG_2531

There was even an Austrian wine connoisseur at the event and his name was Rudi (couldn’t be any more stereotypical, could it?!). We could try one sparkling, three white and five red wines from France, Italy, Germany and Australia. Some of them were really good! The event was very well organised, we even had spit buckets on the table (in case you didn’t like the wine or didn’t want to drink it all so you could pour it in the spit bucket). The connoisseurs gave us an overview of how the different types are made, what impact the glass shape has on the taste and other interesting things.


Probably the most interesting part of the week was Friday night. It was Kulturnatten. This is a bit like “Lange Nacht der Museen” in Austria, which means many museums are open to the public for free. However, in Copenhagen you have to get a ticket for only 90 Kroner and there are many special events on Kulturnatten, such as light installations and dance performances.


Ticket for Kulturnatten

Sarah, Carina and I only had a rough plan what we wanted to do and see, so we stumbled upon a few interesting things on the way. One of it was a beer tasting in a church. Sarah still had to get her ticket and most of the 7-elevens didn’t have tickets any more so we had to go to a church in the centre where they still had some left. Funnily enough, a beer tasting also happened to be at the same place, so why not go and try one?!


The beer (dark and light) was really delicious and I don’t know why but I didn’t even look at the brand so I have no idea what the beer was. Definitely not Carlsberg or Tuborg though.

We then walked around in the city so we could have a look at a few installations so we also came across a light installation (or light show?!) of “Tolkien’s Universe” at the Royal Danish Arsenal Museum. In the inner yard was this huge light installation where you could see Hobbiton of Lord of the Rings. This wasn’t just a picture, it was kind of a video, as after some time, Gandalf came with his horse carriage and shot some fireworks and so on. It was so beautifully made!






Gandalf’s firework


Burning front


Tolkien’s Universe

We also wanted to go to the House of Horrors, but the lady at the entrance told us that “this is only for kids” and we should go away. Ts. We then had a peak at the Glyptotek (no bags allowed inside, so we walked out again) and waited for a bus in the freezing cold for 20 minutes so we could look at babies in jars. The official name was “Museum Saxtorphianum” and it was an exhibition at the Medical Museum of the University of Copenhagen. It is the Saxtorph collection which started in the late 1700s and consists of bones, fetuses, instruments and so on. It was very interesting to look at, but very creepy and disturbing on the other hand. I did not take pictures of any fetus or bone but there were a few other parts of the exhibition that didn’t consist of a thing in a jar.

The last station of our tour was the SMK – State Museum of Copenhagen. We only looked at the International and Danish art of the last 100 years as this part was the most interesting one to us. However, we also came across a few strange pieces.

Carina and I also wanted to go to the Botanical Garden, which was right around the corner of SMK, but it was already 11:45 and everything closed at 12 so we could only have a peak inside the Garden and we went home afterwards.

All in all, we had a lot of fun, although it was a very cold night and we had to either walk long distances, wait in lines or wait for the bus for 20 minutes… :D

Street food markets seem to be popular.

In a previous blog post I mentioned that I have already had a look at a food market here in Copenhagen. As Facebook is/was flooded with Food Market events in Copenhagen, I wanted to go to another one and another one and another one and so on.

Carina and I were pretty excited to go to one in or around the meatpacking district as it sounded so delicious. To be honest, I was pretty disappointed due to the lack of vegetarian options. However, I have already come around to the fact that there’s bacon in almost every meal and my choices are therefore limited.

I paid 30 kroner for a teeny-tiny Taco, which was the only veggie option for me (well there was also veggie pasta but I’ve had too many pasta dishes lately…). It was very good though but it made me hungrier than I had been before. However, the market was very cute – with the colourful trucks and tables – very trendy and hip :D

University was pretty much the same as during the first couple of weeks. Early classes = lots of coffee & lots of time to make travelling plans. The only two really interesting things were Society Day and the beginning of my Danish class.

There was one day at CBS where all the societies and clubs were introduced which meant there was lots of free stuff to get :) I stocked up my pen supply, got a free bag, free coffee and even free blue soft ice cream, which was surprisingly good. The variety of societies that one can join is very limited compared to the University of Sheffield (where I went on exchange during my bachelor’s) but large compared to the Vienna University of Business & Economics (where I did my bachelor’s). The annoying aspect at CBS is that you have to properly apply to become a real member of the society – with CV, motivational letter and sometimes even an assessment center. On the other hand, if you only want to take part in the fun events and don’t want to look behind the curtain (which would of course look good on a CV…) you can easily take part by just showing up or buying the tickets online. I haven’t decided yet whether I really want to join a society or just go to the events that interest me the most.

So I had my first Danish class last week. Danish classes are offered for Danish students and staff for free (actually, only if you have a permanent address and are registered properly which we haven’t, but who cares) and you even get the course books without having to pay for them.

If you have a look at the linguistic classification, Danish with around 5.5 million native speakers is part of the sub-group North Germanic, which is one of the three subdivisions of the Germanic branch. There are a some similarities to German: god = gut (good) , hund = hund (dog) and agurk = Gurke (cucumber). (Those are the ones that came to my mind and that I knew before :D ).

My first Danish class was very interesting, fun and different as expected. The most surprising thing to me was that you don’t pronunciate Danish the way you write it. WHICH WILL MAKE IT SO HARD TO LEARN. Grammar is supposed to be easy though. We will see! ;D

We had to laugh a lot in our first class due to the fact that some words just sound so ridiculous (no offense to any Danish speakers!!). Jeg hedder Christina, jeg taler tysk og kommer fra Østrig ;) I’m looking forward to the next weeks but I’m not sure yet how thoroughly I will study it.

Last Friday Carina, Sarah (from the US) and I went to another street food market which is open every weekend all year round (at least I think so?!). It is located in Christianshavn on Papirøen (Paper Island). The sun was out – with a few clouds and a bit of wind though. On Papirøen you have the possibility to either sit outside and enjoy the food overlooking the waterfront or enjoy your meal indoors in the open hall.




Disco Cow hanging above our heads


Every dish is nicely presented




There were many different types of food, you could find trucks with food from all around the globe. They even had a few vegetarian options as well and some dedicated solely to sweet dishes. YAY! :) Every food truck had a sample dish somewhere so you could make a decision based on the sample which made it a lot easier to choose.


Vegetarian Colombian Food. YUM


So many cheesecakes!

I had a delicious Paisan dish – red bean stew with mango salad, plantain chips, rice and a fried egg. Later on we indulged ourselves to coffee and a slice of cheesecake. Sarah wanted to have a pancake but everytime we had a look at the pancake food truck, the guy had a sign that he “WENT FISHING” although he was just sitting around somewhere. So no pancakes for us. Due to the wind we stayed inside and had a nice walk around Christianshavn later.




A bridge that hasn’t been finished yet and probably never will.



Fancy houseboat on the right



Starting life in a new (expensive) city.

The first two weeks in Copenhagen are over. I took part in the official Intro week of the programme, two of my courses have already started and yes, I’ve already had my first group assignment. But one at a time!

My friend from Austria (Carina) and I decided to stay in an airbnb for the first couple of months in order to look for apartments after arriving. So late Sunday afternoon two weeks ago we got the keys for our Airbnb. The apartment is relatively big, it even has its own small garden. However, we have a tiny bathroom, which is Copenhagen-style with the shower head above the toilet. Very interesting. We decided to spend the rest of the day “at home” and only went out for groceries. Yay to open shops on a Sunday!! As we were not familiar at all which shop we should go to, we went to the first available. Everything was super expensive. Many things 5 times more expensive than at home. We’d known beforehand that Denmark (Scandinavia in general) is more expensive than Austria but still… A small snickers bar for 2,60?! A small package of Feta for 4-5 Euros?! Coffee unaffordable?! So we had to abandon our dream of continuing a relatively healthy life in Copenhagen. It turned out that going to the closest supermarket was probably the worst decision possible as we’d picked the most expensive option as we found out the next day. 10 metres to the left would have been one of the cheapest supermarkets of Denmark where prices are acceptable and vegetables are cheap. :D

The first couple of days we tried to do a bit of sightseeing which was also quite hard because it was extremely windy & rainy on and off throughout the day. However, we got to see the (very little) Little Mermaid with many tourists in front of it ;)


Didn’t want to have the tourists in the picture… :D

Intro Week started on Tuesday and we met around 3/4 of our new classmates. On the first day we went on a boat trip (yay!) but we couldn’t quite enjoy the view as we had to do some kind of “speed-dating”, where we got to know our classmates. Funny at the beginning, a bit annoying at the end as almost all of questions went like this “Where are you from? Why Copenhagen? Have you found an apartment yet?”. Afterwards we went to a bar where you’d never go at 5PM but at least we could talk to a few of our classmates. The next couple of days were full of silly games and the professors introduced the programme itselfs and every course of it. It sounded interesting and I am really looking forward to the courses! The intro week ended with a Make-your-own-burger-buffet (with a shitty Veggie-option) and a night out in a bar/club.

We also got to see the main building of the CBS which is also newly built (at least I assume so) and quite straightforward without any futuristic none-sense like my university at Vienna. However, I won’t be having classes in this building as they just opened a building just for (us) graduates. The new building looks very unspectacular though. :D There was also a separate event for international students which was not really helpful but we got to eat very tasty cake and wraps (with no veggie-option -.-)!


In my second week in CPH I already had to do a lot of readings and even one small group work (and we did great on it!). As we are 120 people in the programme and we are not split up in smaller classes or anything, we don’t have to attend classes or participate in them, although both of it is of course highly recommended. This was also quite a surprise for me as I somehow assumed that we’d be having smaller classes and would need to participate and have presentations and stuff like that. However, I will also manage to adapt to this type of teaching.

Besides having my first classes, Carina and I also went to famous Christiania on the only really sunny & beautiful day of the week. Afterwards we treated ourselves with some froyo.

The first two weeks in CPH were very interesting, very different to Austria. Public transport is very expensive; however, very reliable. The metro system is not very efficient as it’s not possible to reach many places with it. I guess I am just spoilt from Vienna ;) But other than that, the city seems to function quite well, people are very friendly and helpful. You see so many people riding a bike… So getting a bike is number 2 on my To-do-list! :)

A few words to my classmates: We guessed that BCM2017 (Brands & Communication Management, Graduation 2017) has a 50:50 ratio of Danes:Internationals. Most of the internationals are Norwegians, Germans and Swedish. So many Germans everywhere ;) And the ratio of female:male is around 60:40 which was quite a surprise to me.