Budapest Adventure: city edition.

My first post about my adventure in Budapest was dedicated to food alone (as it was one of the most important parts of the trip). This post, however, is all about the city itself and its beautiful spots.

I could write an essay about what we saw, what we did, where we ate (well, you kind of know this already if you’ve seen the post about the food) but instead, I am gonna let the pictures speak for themselves. Mostly ;) So enjoy my ‘short’ list of what to see and what to do in Budapest!

Budapest adventure: Food edition.

Before going to Hungary, people told me that vegetarians and vegans are going to have a hard time finding ‘good’ food in Budapest. Even the guide of our walking tour said so. However, so far I have always been able to find tasty non-meat or non-fish food in a foreign country/city. And no, I haven’t had salad every day. This time I even had none at all. So here is my little guide for people who are looking for vegetarian or vegan options in Budapest or just want to go someplace nice to enjoy a cup of coffee or have breakfast ;)