Visitors in Copenhagen: Friends edition.

Last week I had my third visitors (and the last ones of the semester) in Copenhagen – my friends Julia & Mel. My landlady/flatmate was so nice and vacated the apartment for the weekends so we could have the whole flat to ourselves. As the semester is already finishing up I had lots of time for them – so there was a lot of sightseeing, food and shopping involved :)


On the first day I took them straight to one of my favourite places for brunch/lunch – Paludan Bogcafe. I have mentioned it so many times already on my blog so I’m not gonna talk much about it – just that it was delicious as usual ;)

The Lakes

The Copenhagen Lakes (Søerne) are three rectangular lakes, located a bit to the west of the city centre (Indre by) of Copenhagen. The paths along the lakes are so beautiful and perfect for strolling around or just sitting there and enjoying the sunshine in May. It’s even possible to rent boats that look like huge swans. You can see them in the back of some pictures ;)






Little Mermaid

Of course we also had to go and visit Copenhagen’s most famous monument – Den lille Havfrue. A bronze statuedisplaying a mermaid that was erected in 1913, in remembrance of H.C. Andersen’s fairy tale of the little mermaid.


It was a sunny and hot day in May, so naturally many tourists came to see the girl. So we only briefly looked at her, got some pictures and sat on a bench instead to watch all the funny tourists. So many Germans there! :D


You may have noticed my liking of cherry blossoms (and blossoms in general) in my previous blogpost so I was really happy to spot some still blooming trees near the little mermaid.




I already went to the Kastellet (a fortress) when my family was in town so I actually didn’t want to go there again as the fortress itself is a bit… unimpressive. But my friends spotted the windmill and wanted to go, so I had no other choice… And I really like windmills, so why not ;)



St. Alban’s Anglican Church near the kastellet

Nyhavn & shopping spree

We also could not not go to Nyhavn, could we?! :D But again: a sunny & warm day = too many people. So we only briefly went there, had a look at the beautiful house facades and the canal and took some pictures. Strøget is just around the corner, so we decided to go shopping :)


My (Neighbour)Hood – Christianshavn

I also showed them my beautiful neighbourhood. Twice we walked to Papirøen (Street Food Market) – too many people on the first day and we didn’t want to wait forever to get food and left. But on our second visit we got the food within 10 minutes and sat next to the canal and enjoyed the sun and the view.



Børsen (stock exchange) and Christiansborg Slot (parliament) are technically not in my neighbourhood, but just on the neighbouring island ;)


At the moment there is the art installation “Unbearable” in front of the parliament that should make people aware of the danger of climate change and its effect on our earth. In my opinion, it is very thought provoking, eye-catching and beautifully done. Also, due to the fact that the installation is placed in front of a very touristy place many people have a look at it and will hopefully read the information.



Amager Strandpark

After having pancakes and visiting Christiania on the last day there was only one place left that we haven’t been to and that was perfect for a sunny afternoon before my friends had to get on a plane and leave me: Amager Strandpark. My first (and last) visit there was in February when we still had snow :D So this time I could fully enjoy the beach, the sea and the spring weather. I even went into the sea :O but just with my feet. haha







After spending some time there we headed to Dallevalle and had delicious sandwiches!


Unfortunately, it was already time for my friends to say goodbye. I had such a lovely time with them (even though I had to play tour guide again) :)


Visitors in Copenhagen: Family edition.

I had my second visitors in town: my sister and my cousin! They came to stay for a few days at my place in Copenhagen. Ergo: a lot of sightseeing for me ;) I took them to some of the most touristy places in town – ’cause that’s what a tour guide is for, right? :P As I had an exam going on at the time and my health wasn’t up to par, I made them wander around by themselves for a bit and also shipped them off to Malmö for one day. Here’s what we did in Copenhagen and which places we went to  in Copenhagen.

Kongens Have

Kongens Have, a beautiful garden with the Rosenborg Slot (Rosenborg Castle), is a nice place to go for a walk when the sun is shining.It happened to be a very nice first day for my visitors so I took them straight to this garden (on foot from Christianshavn – and yes, we stopped on Slotsholmen, went up the tower and had a great view over the city).

Kongens Have_HCAndersen

H.C. Andersen statue

Kongens Have_Picture

Typical tourist picture ;)

Kongens Have_Rosenborg Slot



Where else to go but from Kongens Have to Nyhavn, as it is almost ‘around the corner’?!


so many people!!



Amalienborg & Frederiks Kirke

Amalienborg is the home of the Danish royal family. The Evangelical Lutheran Frederik’s Church has the largest church dome in Scandinavia. I haven’t been to either of them, so there was something new for me too! :)

Amalienborg_Frederiks kirke

Amalienborg_Opera House

Copenhagen Opera House

Snack and Food Time

A trip to another country usually includes eating local food and snacks, and trying local alcohol. However, as hardly anyone from Austria likes the *disgusting* liquorish stuff from the North, my sister and cousin went for more ‘normal’ options such as chips and beer ;) However, they bought ‘Flæskesvær’ (Pork rinds) by ‘mistake’ , which they wouldn’t recommend to anyone :D

As I did not go home for the Easter holidays, my visitors brought a few nice things from home – Milka chocolate, Austrian wine, Austrian liqueur and… Easter Eggs :D So I got to have my own little Easter breakfast after all (even though it was a few days late).


The Little Mermaid

Of course, a visit to the little mermaid had to be part of the trip. My sister even said that the mermaid looked bigger than she’d expected as everyone had told her not to expect anything big :D





Another part of the town that I haven’t been to before was the Kastellet. This is one of the best preserved star fortresses in Scandinavia and located ‘right next’ to the Little Mermaid. There are also a church (which looked a bit strange though) and a beautiful windmill on the grounds of the Kastellet.

Kastellet_Red houses

The Rows – former barracks for soldiers



Paper Island Street Food

If you are a recurring reader of my blog, you probably noticed my love for food markets (mentioned here and here) ;) So I had to take my guests to Papirøen, right? Too bad that we picked a Saturday evening for doing so. There were so many people and we had to wait forever to get our food and get a table. We sat right next to one of the entrances so there was a constant air draugt… The food was nice tough ;) And the sunset was beautiful as well!





I had a lovely time with my sister and cousin even though I still had to finish an exam for a course… But they are grown-ups, they managed to spend a few hours without me :)

Group picture.jpg

My first visitor in Copenhagen.

Right before my departure to Copenhagen my boyfriend David surprised me by telling me that he’d already booked a flight to Copenhagen so he could visit me at the beginning of September. So I already had my first visitor from home and therefore, we had a bit of sightseeing to do. Hence a very image-heavy post ;)

Most of the days were very April-like with many changes in the weather (from beautiful sunshine to cold, windy & rainy and back to sunshine again!). However, we managed to see many sights and made some (quirky) pictures. I also asked a friend of mine if she could recommend a few nice places where we could go and have dinner/lunch/whatever. So thanks Linda for recommending so many nice places!! :)

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We walked around in Christianshavn, paid a visit to Christiania, walked around in Indre by (Copenhagen Center) saw the little mermaid, and had dinner in Nyhavn. I’ve never had Smørrebrød before and was therefore very excited to try one! It was probably not the cheapest place (10 euros for a 0.4l beer!!). Although it looked very small (just one tiny slice of brad) it was so delicious!!

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The next day we decided to stay in and make delicious porridge for breakfast/lunch. It was very rainy so what else should we have done?! :D I also had a brief phone call with my Mum as it was her birthday. However, I think she didn’t realise that I don’t have to pay for calling her so she cut me off quite quickly :D Or she was just busy :D Later in the afternoon the sun came out again so David and I went straight to a food market in the meatpacking district. However, it started raining again so we went to a Café instead :)

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My friend gave us the recommendation to go to a very good burger place in town (Cocks and Cows) but the only free tables would have been in the garden. Due to the rainy day and we’ve been walking around for quite a while, we didn’t want to do this and went to another (student friendly) place that she recommended. It was right in the city centre opposite the University of Copenhagen. There we had very cheap and delicious dinner (Burger + Vegetarian Lasagna = YUM!). Afterwards, we went straight home as I was freezing and instead of doing something exciting, we stayed in bed and watched a couple of Friends episodes and we even played Achtung die Kurve (Curve Fever)! I won. Every single time.

On Sunday we had home-made Pizza for lunch and spent the rest of the day with sightseeing because it was very sunny and we wanted to get out of the apartment and enjoy a casual stroll through the city. We also decided to go up the Rundetaarn, which is a round tower in the city centre. We had such a great view on top of the tower, but it was so windy that it was hard to take a normal picture without having all of my hair or my scarf in my face :D

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After the tower we walked around for a bit and stayed a while in Kongens Have, a beautiful garden with the Rosenborg Slot (Rosenborg Castle). The castle was built in 1606 by Christian IV. so he could have a country summerhouse. Afterwards, we had tea and hot chocolate in a Laundromat Café, where you can have drinks & eat food while doing your laundry at the same time :D

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All in all we had a few great days together and I’m glad that David liked the city so he’ll come again (although he’s pretty much seen everything… :D )

another shameless selfie.

The last shameless selfie.

Starting life in a new (expensive) city.

The first two weeks in Copenhagen are over. I took part in the official Intro week of the programme, two of my courses have already started and yes, I’ve already had my first group assignment. But one at a time!

My friend from Austria (Carina) and I decided to stay in an airbnb for the first couple of months in order to look for apartments after arriving. So late Sunday afternoon two weeks ago we got the keys for our Airbnb. The apartment is relatively big, it even has its own small garden. However, we have a tiny bathroom, which is Copenhagen-style with the shower head above the toilet. Very interesting. We decided to spend the rest of the day “at home” and only went out for groceries. Yay to open shops on a Sunday!! As we were not familiar at all which shop we should go to, we went to the first available. Everything was super expensive. Many things 5 times more expensive than at home. We’d known beforehand that Denmark (Scandinavia in general) is more expensive than Austria but still… A small snickers bar for 2,60?! A small package of Feta for 4-5 Euros?! Coffee unaffordable?! So we had to abandon our dream of continuing a relatively healthy life in Copenhagen. It turned out that going to the closest supermarket was probably the worst decision possible as we’d picked the most expensive option as we found out the next day. 10 metres to the left would have been one of the cheapest supermarkets of Denmark where prices are acceptable and vegetables are cheap. :D

The first couple of days we tried to do a bit of sightseeing which was also quite hard because it was extremely windy & rainy on and off throughout the day. However, we got to see the (very little) Little Mermaid with many tourists in front of it ;)


Didn’t want to have the tourists in the picture… :D

Intro Week started on Tuesday and we met around 3/4 of our new classmates. On the first day we went on a boat trip (yay!) but we couldn’t quite enjoy the view as we had to do some kind of “speed-dating”, where we got to know our classmates. Funny at the beginning, a bit annoying at the end as almost all of questions went like this “Where are you from? Why Copenhagen? Have you found an apartment yet?”. Afterwards we went to a bar where you’d never go at 5PM but at least we could talk to a few of our classmates. The next couple of days were full of silly games and the professors introduced the programme itselfs and every course of it. It sounded interesting and I am really looking forward to the courses! The intro week ended with a Make-your-own-burger-buffet (with a shitty Veggie-option) and a night out in a bar/club.

We also got to see the main building of the CBS which is also newly built (at least I assume so) and quite straightforward without any futuristic none-sense like my university at Vienna. However, I won’t be having classes in this building as they just opened a building just for (us) graduates. The new building looks very unspectacular though. :D There was also a separate event for international students which was not really helpful but we got to eat very tasty cake and wraps (with no veggie-option -.-)!


In my second week in CPH I already had to do a lot of readings and even one small group work (and we did great on it!). As we are 120 people in the programme and we are not split up in smaller classes or anything, we don’t have to attend classes or participate in them, although both of it is of course highly recommended. This was also quite a surprise for me as I somehow assumed that we’d be having smaller classes and would need to participate and have presentations and stuff like that. However, I will also manage to adapt to this type of teaching.

Besides having my first classes, Carina and I also went to famous Christiania on the only really sunny & beautiful day of the week. Afterwards we treated ourselves with some froyo.

The first two weeks in CPH were very interesting, very different to Austria. Public transport is very expensive; however, very reliable. The metro system is not very efficient as it’s not possible to reach many places with it. I guess I am just spoilt from Vienna ;) But other than that, the city seems to function quite well, people are very friendly and helpful. You see so many people riding a bike… So getting a bike is number 2 on my To-do-list! :)

A few words to my classmates: We guessed that BCM2017 (Brands & Communication Management, Graduation 2017) has a 50:50 ratio of Danes:Internationals. Most of the internationals are Norwegians, Germans and Swedish. So many Germans everywhere ;) And the ratio of female:male is around 60:40 which was quite a surprise to me.